Letters to the Editor

Wintroub takes issue with last week's headline about fatal accident

Dear Editor:

The 03/18/15 The Tomahawk has a very misleading headline: “Highway 167 and Lakeview Drive intersection claims another life”. [http://www.thetomahawk.com/Detailphp?Cat=LOCALNEWS&ID=61200] Actually, it’s not just misleading, it’s wrong. Intersections don’t claim lives. Negligent, inattentive, distracted, incompetent, drunk, and/or drug-addled drivers claim lives.

This is right up there with “Winter storm causes 104-car chain reaction” and “Guns claim more lives”. Such memes and headlines divert attention from the fact that human dereliction (or maybe criminality) causes these events, not inanimate objects like intersections.

Terry Wintroub
Mountain City