Local NewsRoyston exercises her new right to vote

By Marlana Ward

The right to vote is one of our most important rights as American citizens but also one that many people take for granted.  Whether people believe their vote does not make a difference or they just do not take an interest in the election process, failing to exercise the right to vote is a dangerous decision that affects everyone in our country and beyond.  Prayoon Royston is one Johnson County resident who understands the importance of voting and how precious that right is.

Prayoon is originally from the country of Thailand which remains controlled by a monarchy.  Under a monarchy, the citizens of Thailand are never given the option of voting for their choice of leaders. The people are ruled over without the representation within government that we as citizens of a republic receive.   More...

Johnson County offers multiple ways for volunteers to serve

By Marlana Ward

Tennessee has been known as The Volunteer State since The War of 1812.  Being known as The Volunteer State, it is no surprise that Tennesseans have a great spirit of community and longing to help others.   Johnson County is a community that welcomes those who have a desire to serve others and make our area an even greater place to live.  If you are looking for an opportunity to join in the volunteer spirit, Mountain City has a wide selection deserving organizations and events.

Johnson County Cancer Support Group has a need for volunteer drivers to take patients to and from cancer treatments.  They also accept donations of Ensure for patients or funds for other supplies. Contact Flo Bellamy at 727-2942. More...

Tomahawk blue boxes popping up everywhere

Many local Tomahawk subscribers will soon be receiving their Tomahawk newspapers on Wednesdays.

According to Publisher Bill Thomas, The Tomahawk will be launching its new hand delivery service next month. Johnson County subscribers have always received their papers in the mail on Thursday each week, but soon blue newspaper boxes will be popping up in the more densely populated areas of the county. Carriers will be delivering the weekly publication to homes on Wednesdays immediately following printing.

“We have had this in the planning stages for some time now, and we are very excited that it’s about to become a reality for our subscribers,” said Thomas of the improved service. “Our goal is to get local news in the hands of our readers, and especially readers who subscribe to The Tomahawk, as quickly as possible.” More...

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