Local NewsJudge rules that doublewide in city may stay if all stipulations are met

A civil lawsuit was heard by Chancery Court Chancellor John Rambo in the Johnson County Courthouse this past Friday in regard to a filing by Randy Glenn against the town of Mountain City. Although there are stipulations to be met by Glenn, inspections that need to be passed, along with an approval by the fire marshal and the issuance of an occupancy permit, the judge ruled against Mountain City in the matter.

Approximately four years ago, a group of residents in the Ivy and Spruce Street section of Mountain City came before the Mountain City Planning Commission to express their distress over the placement of a doublewide in their community. Their concerns were not only that the doublewide did not meet the city’s zoning ordinance for an R1-zoned neighborhood and set back requirements, but also that the unit would bring down property values. Doublewides cannot be discriminated against by local zoning ordinances according to state law, but they must have the same appearance that is required for houses in the same neighborhood. Those representing the residents did not feel it met those standards.

Another point of contention is the exact placement of the doublewide on the property. Mountain City ordinances state that a structure must be 30 feet from the street. However, this property is sandwiched between two streets, Spruce and Ivy, and sits 26 feet off Ivy Street and 70 feet off Spruce Street. Spokesmen for the neighboring homeowners say the setback requirement is 30 feet from Ivy Street, not Spruce. According to Glenn, the front of the unit faces Spruce Street, has a Spruce Street address and is well within the setback requirements. Although the initial address was Ivy Street, Glenn says that was changed to Spruce based on the driveway access to his property.  More...

Adult education in Carter, Johnson moves forward

By Rebecca Herman

A year and a half ago, the state of Tennessee made the decision to consolidate its 95 Adult Education (AE) programs into 46. Johnson and Carter counties and Northeast State Community College all wrote grants in order to be the command center for AE for the two counties. Jewell Hamm, former director of AE in Johnson County, was successful with the grant and Johnson County was awarded the contract.

The new director, Carol Russom, has been working in education for 29 years. She began teaching in North Carolina and then moved to Tennessee. Her first 16 years she taught Special Education and for the last 13 years she has been working in AE. Until this year, Russom taught all the classes by herself. Now that the Carter and Johnson County programs have combined, Russom has been able to hire a few teachers in order to handle the workload.  More...

County to receive portion of $7 million to aid in prevention of teen prescription drug abuse

The Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (TDMHSAS) is teaming up with community anti-drug coalitions across a 10-county region of East Tennessee in an effort to reduce the number of young people who are abusing prescription drugs.

To help achieve this goal, TDMHSAS has secured nearly $7 million dollars in federal grant funds to engage with young people through public awareness campaigns and community-based prevention and enforcement efforts over a five-year period.

“Our objective is to reduce the abuse of prescription drugs by the 12– 25 year old age group by more than four percent,” said E. Douglas Varney, Commissioner, TDMHSAS. “If we’re successful, that will add up to thousands of young lives saved from disastrous consequences. We owe it to them, their families, and communities to do all we can.” More...

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