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I enjoy reading old newspapers, magazines and books. I like to see how things have changed since those publications were originally printed. I have several of them including a copy of the March 1938 issue of the Readerís Digest. That magazine is of interest to me since it is the year and month of my birth. As Iíve said a number of times in this column, I find old car advertisements to be very interesting. But in this column I will not write about cars. From what some folks tell me, they like me to include discussions of old cars, but others tell me they are not that interested in old car ads.

The nays prevail at this time. Instead of old automobile ads, I want to concentrate on some ads from an old Blumís Farmerís and Planterís Almanac for the year 1937 that I found while looking through my books and magazines recently.

The almanac was priced 10 cents and you could get one sent to you by mail for 15 cents. Ten cents had a lot more value then than now, and I believe the almanac was a bargain, considering that it had a lot of interesting reading including many jokes, stories and antidotes. Of course, many rural folks enjoyed perusing the almanac as it gave insight to better methods of raising crops and livestock. The Signs of the Zodiac were included and were thought by many then and some today to be ideal times to plant, sow etc. There were also many helpful hints in the almanac.  More...

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• Old Almanac was an interesting find

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