This & ThatGrayson and Whitter just two of Johnson Coutny's talented residents

Johnson County is noted by the number of talented musicians it has claimed over the years. While some were natives, others came to the county from other areas. As I think of musicians who were residents of Johnson County who had a measure of success, G. B. Grayson, a resident of the Laurel Bloomery area comes to mind. Gilliam Banmon (G. B) Grayson was born in Ashe County, North Carolina on November 11, 1887. His family moved to the vicinity of Laurel Bloomery when he was young. There were a number of other talented musicians from Johnson County of course and perhaps Iíll write about some of them in a future column.

Almost blind, Grayson learned to play the fiddle and took opportunities to play at various functions near and around Johnson County. Reportedly, looking out the window on a winter day with sunlit snow on the ground caused him to be partially blind. With his disability, it was needful for him to fine a way to earn money and music filled that need.


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• Grayson and Whitter just two of Johnson Coutny's talented residents

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