This & ThatThe Crosley--a small car in automotive history

During my 12 years of writing this column, I have written on a variety of subjects. This column is my 578th. For each of those columns I’ve tried to write on subjects that I thought would be interesting and informing. You the readers of the column can judge whether that has been the case. Probably the most controversial subjects I’ve chosen were those columns written about automobiles, especially the ones about car makes and models of the past — some even before my entry into life on this planet.

Some readers have told me the “car themed” columns are very interesting. Others have said my car columns were less than interesting. Some of the car columns have been informative while some have just been nostalgic. To me it is interesting to know about some of the many makes and models of cars that have been manufactured in the past. To me I look back with great memories to the time when I began to drive my family’s 1932 Ford V8 coupe. I have a model of that car in a prominent place in my living room. Perhaps some have been both interesting as well as nostalgic. Most folks know the brands that have been unveiled in the past few years. There are so many gadgets on them now it takes a good deal of thought to get started when driving your first new car. Now there’s a lot of talk about a driverless car. Some companies are seriously working on that now.  More...

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• The Crosley--a small car in automotive history

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