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While perusing some of my old magazines recently, I came across an old Readers Digest that was of particular interest to me. I don’t remember where it came from, but I think I bought it at a flea market sometime in the distant past. Anyway, it was a March 1938 edition of the magazine, the year and month of my birth. I was excited to see that magazine again and read some of the stories included in it.

As I looked at the content page, an article caught my eye. It was a story titled “Bergen’s Brazen Blockhead.” Of course among us older folks we remember that famous duo of Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy, but mention them to one of the younger generation and you would probably get a blank stare back at you. I’ve been more than amused at the hilarious exchange between Bergen and his wooden dummy, Charlie. Bergen was not the very best ventriloquist in my view but he made up for it by being a great showman. Ventriloquism is the art of “throwing one’s voice.” In other words making your voice seem to be far away or to project upon another person or object and in the process not move the lips or throat muscles.

While Don Rickles is often thought of as the king of insult comedy, Charlie was not above throwing a few barbs and when he did it laughter followed. The use of dummies goes back thousands of years. Reportedly, Bergen made Charlie’s wooden body but a doll carver made the head from Bergen’s charcoal cartoon of a Chicago newsboy he knew. More...

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