Dear Editor
Since pricing of gasoline is very HIGH in Johnson County compared to other counties around us, WHY isn’t someone doing anything to fix the problem or investigate? Crude oil as of Jan 4th, 2019 was going for $47.96! There is NO reason for high prices in our county.
In Butler, gas was listed at a store/gas station for $2.40. In Town it is going for $2.31. If you drive to Carter County in Hampton, gas was $1.99 last week at the Shell station next to Dunkin Donuts.
This week I got gas at the Wal-Mart station and shopped in Lowes in Abingdon VA, which was advertised for $2.02 less three cents discount for $1.99. It is only 26 miles from my home and have the chance to purchase donuts at DD.
I would shop more in Johnson County, however it is TOO expensive!
Elizabeth Remis