Butler Ruritans expresses their appreciation to The Tomahawk

Dear Editor:

On behalf of Butler Ruritan, please accept our thanks for the ongoing support from the Tomahawk. As always, the Tomahawk accepted our promotion ads before Old Butler Days and provided excellent coverage with pictures the week following the annual celebration. The Tomahawk’s support also allows us to let the communities in Johnson and Carter county know when we have benefits throughout the year.    

Geri Pierce, Ruritan Member

Schools shouldteach about the U.S. Constitution in September

Dear Editor:

All schools should obey the law this month and teach about the U.S. Constitution. Constitution Day was established as a federal holiday in 2004, to commemorate the signing of the U.S. Constitution on September 17, 1787. Federal law requires public schools to observe that day and teach on the Constitution, but a survey showed about 90 percent of schools ignore the law. Newsweek gave the U.S. Citizenship test to 1000 U.S. citizens and nearly 40 percent failed. This shows the need for better education on our Constitution and government. This year as we celebrate the 225th anniversary of the Constitution, read it, study it with your children and discuss its great principles. Read it at your library or at www.archives.gov/exhibits/charters/constitution.
Americans should be thankful to God for our Constitution that’s given us more freedom than any country in the world. James Madison, the father of our Constitution, said, “We wouldn’t have a Constitution were it not for the intervention of God.” Our founders had just fought the Revolutionary War where a popular slogan was, “No King but King Jesus.” Our founders, knowing the Bible and that people are evil and can’t be trusted with total power, established separations of powers, checks and balances and three branches of government from the Bible Jeremiah 17:9, Isaiah 33:22, etc. Our Constitution is an original and unique document. It’s the oldest constitution still in force in the world today, the source of our remarkable political stability and freedom. Our Constitution has been so successful, in fact, that America is the longest on-going constitutional republic in the history of the world!
Our Constitution deserves respect second only to the Bible. Our Constitution is less respected than ever before. American teachers refuse to teach it, American judges consider international and Sharia law in their decisions, and our American citizens don’t know it and won’t read it, and our American president ignores, misinterprets and overreaches the Constitution to advance his liberal agenda. Millions of Americans think they know better than our Constitution and even more than God. One million Atheists in New York alone say they are happy without God. Our president and millions of Americans say God is wrong about marriage being only between a man and woman. Our president and millions of Americans want to increase the amount of abortions by giving taxpayer funding for it. Without a revival our country may soon come to the place President John Adams warned about. Adams said, “We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion… Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It’s wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” Please show respect for our U.S. Constitution the supreme law of the land for 225 years and the difference between being governed and being ruled!

D.D. Nave
Elizabethton, TN

ATV riders would support Doe Mtn., too, if given the chance

Dear Editor:

If the picture in the top right hand corner of the page looks familiar then you probably have the same issue that I do.  The land we all called the fire tower has been reopened. Oh, I’m sorry, it has only been opened for those that drive an OHV. This is the land that we have all spent countless hours driving on just for a good time in a safe environment before being kicked out. Why were we kicked out? Our trucks and/or jeeps are too big and apparently cause too much damage to the land.
The Trail Riders Association has opened it back up for the OHV people while banning those who have contributed as much if not more both financially as well as sweat equity. After the closing of Callallantee we were pressed to find other places to legally enjoy the outdoors in the fashion in which we have in the past. The closing of our local ATV park and the banishment from fire tower has left us tearing through old Farmer John’s corn field just to sling a little mud. This very large group of persons has been alienated from every possible legal, local and most of all safe place to ride.
They claim to be attempting to acquire their piece of a 4.3 billion dollar a year industry. Well, the OHV people have only been contributing to this for a very short period of time in the grand scheme. Trucks and Jeepers alike have been on the hunt for the deeper mud hole or the steeper hill to climb, or just simple trail riding. Contrary to popular belief, we do enjoy the outdoors, too, but yes, if I see a killer mud hole on the way, I’m gonna go have some fun.
We have not only kept local dollars local but we have also brought a lot of new money in. This is how families would spend a day or even a weekend together. OHV accidents are more dangerous than one inside of a vehicle. These trucks are not built for speed but to be strong, safe and fun. 
For years local 4×4 clubs such as Hardcore 4×4 and Four Play 4×4 have held rallies that only benefit the local economy. What this boils down to is a simple question. If the fire tower consists of 8,600 acres, why can we not all enjoy this source of entertainment? Off-roaders have contributed to the cause for years with the development of new trails, mud holes, beautiful views, and this is all being overlooked. This organization raised only $1,600 and change from 265 riders. Just imagine the funds raised if you would have allowed the true trail riders to attend. Your turnout would have grown immensely and in turn your donations to the cause. Imagine if your grant from Yamaha was accompanied by a grant from Ford, Jeep, or Chevy. For being after such a huge piece of the pie, you people couldn’t have chosen a worse way to get it.

Thank you for your time,
Brian Sweet and every other person in pursuit of happiness

Medical ministry is thankful for donations

Dear Editor:

Thanks to the advertising in The Tomahawk, an anonymous donor from Johnson City is providing us with storage for this ministry. We have been blessed with your donations in the past and as a result have been privileged to assist many of our neighbors. The entire basis for this ministry is neighbor helping neighbor.

Currently, we need shower chairs and benches, hospital bed pads and other personal hygiene pads, wheelchairs, canes, etc. We have a couple of wheelchairs, walkers, and potty chairs, etc. available now to those in need. Your donation goes on and on in helping others. As a piece of equipment is returned, it is processed for the next need.

If you have medical equipment available, please consider donating it to this ministry in need. Call Junior Maze, 727-4925 or Harry Cunningham, 727-5441 for more information.

The Medical Equipment Ministry
Of Roan Creek Baptist Church

Inappropriate unifroms?

Dear Editor:

I’ve never encountered a Las Vegas prostitute in person, but have seen them on the television show “Cops.”  It’s sad, but has anyone else noticed that the harlots out there wear the same, exactly the same, type of wicked short-shorts that the Johnson County girl’s volleyball team wears? It’s shameful, immodest and very unchristian to dress like that, especially in public, drawing men’s and boys’ lustful eyes to their bodies.  
The Tomahawk’s photos in the October 3rd newspaper and online would have been considered pornography 25 years ago, but are accepted in today’s morally corrupted culture.  What a shame!

The girls, particularly, the church-going ones, should know better and protest, but I’m not taking issue with them.  I’m wondering why their daddy’s allow it?  What in the world are the school board members thinking?  Why do the school sports leaders believe it’s okay to dress in shorts that come up to the female butt and crotch?  What have we become?
Our two daughters played volleyball in the 1980’s in culottes past the knees and excelled, and Johnson County girls used to wear baggy shorts to the knees and did fine in volleyball.  
Should the King James Bible be re-written to say, “In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel except when playing sports?”  Dads, Moms, why have you allowed your daughter to take on the ways of the heathen? If the school refuses to change, take your daughter out of that mess, take a stand for God!  The Bible still says…. Be ye holy.  


Jim Koenig
Mountain City

Resident appreciates local water department

Dear Editor:

I would like to take a minute to say “thank you” to Superintendent Jerry Horne, his staff and crew for the excellent job they did at my home on Butler Lane. It is good to know when you have a problem that involves the water department and you give them a call to get it resolved, they tell you they will be there. They came the same day I placed the call and fixed the problem. It is nice to know you can count on someone that keeps their word. Sometimes you just need to take a moment and recognize the hard work this department does.

Thank you,
Ronnie Perkins

Cheers and jeers for Doe Mountain progress

Dear Editor:

I appreciate Brian Sweet’s letter to the editor concerning accessibility of Doe Mountain by citizens looking to enjoy a bit of nature in their own way.  Admittedly, the progress of establishing the Board of Authority governing use of the trail system has been painfully slow. Why? To be blunt, those responsible for working on this in Nashville have had their energy and attention diverted by the numerous elections coming up in November. That’s right, our elected officials are too busy working to get each other reelected to fulfill their promises to us.  This sour point could easily be the focus of my letter but I’d rather pull back from my frustration and give some credit to our county officials who haven’t been too busy to do their jobs; in fact, I know Mayor Potter has spent much of his own time in bringing to fruition our collective dream to make Doe Mountain an economic driver for our county. I know there have been numerous OHV riders, mountain bikers and joggers on the trails without legal permission granted nor protection against liability in the event of injury.  When the board finally does meet, plans for OHV, horseback riding, hiking and mountain biking will move forward.  Whether ATV riding, as was allowed at Callalantee, is given a place on Doe Mountain is up to the board.  Brian is correct in his claim that these more aggressive ATV riders bring money into our local economy, are family orientated and loads of fun.  Is there room on the Doe for this particular style of riding where the impact on soil, water and sound puts it in a class all to itself?  I have ridden ATVs, trail bikes, OHVs, mountain bikes and walked miles of trails on Doe Mountain.  Personally, I hope Callalantee reopens soon under new management to give him a place to sling some mud. These riders deserve their own place.  In the meantime, call and write Lt. Gov. Ramsey’s office asking for action on forming the Board of Authority.  Hey, they’re working for us!

Dennis Shekinah
Mountain City, TN

A.C.T.I.O.N. Coalition gives thanks

Dear Editor:

We would like to say thank you to all who helped in the Community Service Day on September 22, 2012. A total of 26 people gave their time to help members of our community fulfill specific needs in various locations of Johnson County. Appreciation goes to Tina Reece and Russell Love of JCHS who helped coordinate this event with students who need community service hours for a specific class or club. Thanks goes to Big John’s for donating work gloves and Mr. George Triplett who allowed us to borrow safety glasses. Dr. Dorothy I. Height once said, “Without community service, we would not have a strong quality of life. It’s important to the person who serves as well as the recipient. It’s the way in which we ourselves grow and develop.” Thank you for serving your great community of Johnson County.

Denise Woods
A.C.T.I.O.N. Coalition, Inc.
Certified Prevention Specialist

It's time for reps to protect our land from clear-cutting

Dear Editor:

I moved here about six years ago from central Illinois because I love the mountains and the climate here in northeastern Tennessee. Recently you have seen the strip mining of the mountains along Highway 167. They call it logging but the reality is whomever owns the 5000 plus acres along 167 has destroyed this pristine area and ultimately lowered your property values by clear cutting the trees for monetary value. I believe it's time for our state representatives to step up to the plate and have our properties reassessed and our real estate taxes lowered. I want to thank Larry Potter for saving Doe Mountain from this disgusting practice. Johnson County residents deserve better and we need to take action now to preserve this area for future generations before the mountains we so love are totally destroyed.

Dave Hanks
Mountain City, TN

In response to wheel tax article from last week

Dear Editor:

In response to the comments made by our county commissioners and others, as reported by Lacy Hilliard in the August 15, 2012 Tomahawk, I offer the following.

First, the Johnson County Real Estate taxes have been increased for the 2012 tax year. This had to be approved by the Tennessee State Legislature. Where was our representation to make our lives easier when we have to pay an increase in real estate taxes? People are struggling to make ends meet. Taxes keep going up whether it’s real estate taxes or the wheel tax. Statements that the wheel tax is more equitable (since I think the commissioners felt that another real estate tax would further erode the real estate market from coming out of its long slump in Johnson County.) Perhaps the county commissioners could vote for lower real estate taxes.

Second, to be equitable in taxing every county resident the same and not a select portion, the commissioners could raise the county sales tax ½ cent or ½ percent with a limit for the tax to expire after, hypothetically two years. Any additional sales tax after the two-year time frame would have to be approved by the county voters.

Thirdly, the Greene County, Tennessee commissioners allowed their constituents to vote and decide how they felt about the wheel tax increase.

This is not about whether we need to increase taxes for services, but rather what tax increase will be more equitable to all Johnson County citizens.

I voted for my country commissioners in the last election and I trust that my vote will be remembered in the next election. I only ask our commissioners to look at legislation and/or ideas a little closer for their Johnson County citizens. I suggest that the commissioners attempt to garner more input from the citizens of Johnson County and not necessarily at the commissioner’s meetings. I would hope that the commissioners reach out to their constituents more than they have in the past.

George A. Spreyne

Cancer Support Group expresses appreciation

Dear Editor:

The Johnson County Cancer Support Group wishes to acknowledge and thank Danny Herman Trucking Inc., Levi Retirees, United Way, Temple and Mike Reece and all of the businesses, organizations and individuals who make it possible to aid those suffering with cancer in Johnson County by providing them with financial support as they undergo treatments. We are a community blessed by the hard work and compassion these individuals and groups show for their neighbors. Thank you friends.

Flo Bellamy and Bobbie Smith

Christians should stand up for what we believe

Dear Editor:

I am writing this letter in response to last weeks letter to the editor about Christians voicing their beliefs. I truly agree with the author of the letter. Christians need to stand up for the word of God! I have heard all my life the devil has some of his best people in church. I never truly believe this till recently. People say what is wrong with the world today? I believe it’s that the devil has some o his best people in church. Instead of true believers following the word of God, we automatically follow what man says is the word of God. We have homosexuality being more and more accepted in the world and church. The word says, Leviticus 20:13 “Do not practice homosexuality, having sex with another man as a woman. It is a detestable sin.” We uphold adulterers in our church we allow them to hold offices in our churches (preachers, deacons, song leaders, teachers, bible school teachers). The word says, Proverbs: 5:32 “But a man that commits adultery lacks judgment, whoever does so destroys himself.” We have men and women being baptized on Sunday that invite their lovers to come watch them make this commitment to God. We have men assaulting women right after church. We have married and single men and women having affairs with other married men and women, but still attending church every time the doors are open, and we go as far as to call them brother or sister. We accept these people as they are believers of the word of God, but we as Christians choose to turn a blind eye to their actions. What are we as Christians and church goers saying to non-Christians? As long as you are at church on Sunday, it does not matter what you do the rest of the week! After stepping back and taking a good look around church and the world, I am having a hard time seeing the difference in the two. We are no better than the ones we are preaching to by turning a blind eye to the actions of those we worship with. I have decided that as a true Christian I can no longer call myself that if I continue to turn a blind eye to these things. I am no longer standing for the immorality of Believer or non-Believers. We preach marriage is forever, but we don’t practice it. We preach homosexuality is wrong, but we accept it. We preach abuse is wrong, but we cover for it. We preach purity to our youth but we put them on birth control, and when the un-wed mothers have babies we as a church throw them baby showers. We preach pro-life but we don’t vote that way at the polls. We preach the golden rule, but we don’t practice it. We practice do it to others before they have a chance to do it to you. We as a Christian community are a contradiction of our own beliefs. I am not pointing the finger, I am as guilty as anyone else. So my question is what is wrong with the world today? Are we making a difference and practicing what we preach.

Carrie Johnson,
Mountain City

D.A. seeks to strengthen synthetic drug laws

Dear Editor:

There is a new system of drug trafficking in Tennessee, and it is being carried out right in front of our eyes at convenience stores across the state. Those who are breaking the law are doing so knowingly, and I am writing today to alert you to this dangerous trend: synthetic drugs.
Synthetic drugs are illegal, and they are dangerous. Often sold in stores, some purchasers may not know that these drugs are illegal and dangerous. Across Tennessee, children and adults are having bad reactions to the changing chemicals used in these drugs.
Along with my fellow district attorneys, I am working to strengthen laws seeking to eliminate these products altogether and to prosecute individuals who continue to sell these substances. Please help us by learning more about synthetic drugs and spreading the word within our community.
How can I recognize synthetic drugs?
Synthetic drugs are often marketed in small, colorful plastic pouches—sometimes using cartoon-like images—under names like K2, Spice or Molly’s Plant Food. They can be accompanied by disclaimers such as “Not for Human Consumption” and labeled as “plant food” or “bath salts” in an attempt to mask their true use and sidestep existing laws. Some are designed to look and be smoked like marijuana while others are used more like methamphetamine.
What are the dangers of synthetic drug use?
The effects of these chemical-based substances—violent outbursts, hallucinations, paranoia, seizures, increased blood pressure, possible kidney failure, suicidal thoughts and more—are dangerous, and much more severe than users may anticipate. The substances are cheap, addictive, extremely potent and easily fatal.
What are lawmakers doing to address this issue?
In the past two years as synthetic drugs have become increasingly popular, lawmakers have acted repeatedly to outlaw the latest versions of these drugs. However, producers of synthetic drugs constantly alter the chemical contents of the products to circumvent ongoing law enforcement efforts. This is precisely why Tennessee’s district attorneys have continued to work on legislation that takes a big-picture approach to synthetic drugs and the many varied compounds used to produce them.
My fellow district attorneys and I supported our legislators in addressing the present shortcomings in the law. Through several bills recently signed by Gov. Bill Haslam, the penalties regarding synthetic drugs will increase whether offenders are selling, possessing or ingesting synthetic drugs. The definition of synthetic drugs will also be expanded to include all possible synthetic derivatives.
These efforts will stiffen the penalties for infractions appropriately, as well as eliminate the weaknesses in the substance definition, which producers of synthetic drugs previously abused.
We have also supported dozens of undercover law enforcement stings on convenience stores throughout the state. These efforts have brought criminals to trial and resulted in the confiscation of large quantities of synthetic drugs.
As your district attorney, I will continue to work to eradicate synthetic drugs from Johnson County using the available resources. I hope you will join this effort by sharing this information with your family, friends and colleagues.

Honorable Tony Clark
District Attorney

Honorable Tony Clark
District Attorney

Government should balance budget like we do

Dear Editor:

When the Wheel Tax was first proposed to the residents of Johnson County, it was with the understanding it was to be temporary. Not understanding that there is no such thing as a “temporary tax,” the citizens of Johnson County approved this. Since that time, not only has this tax not been repealed, it has been raised twice that I can remember.

I do not think the Wheel Tax should be raised. As a matter of fact, I feel the Johnson County government should honor their original commitment and abolish the Wheel Tax. I am sure this is not going to happen. And I don’t complain too much about it, as I am realistic and I understand the necessity of paying taxes. I will never be “happy” about paying taxes, but I know it is my civic duty and I proudly honor this duty. However, when it continues to rise, I think it is time to voice my opposition.

Government (city, county, state, and federal) should be held to the same standard as its citizenry. I have financial obligations, as do we all. And when I find myself short of financial means to meet those obligations, I must prioritize and decide what I will cut back on in order to pay for that which I must have.

I can’t go to my employer and say, “The price of gas has gone up, the price of groceries has gone up, and my utilities have gone up. I now no longer make enough money to pay for all the things I want. Therefore you are going to have to start providing me with more income. Sorry, but that is the way it is. I need more money.” I just don’t think that would go over real well.

I am powerless to stop this Wheel Tax increase (thank you, Johnson County Commissioner.) But with the next election, I won’t be so powerless.

William C. Reburn Jr.
Mountain City

Student advocates legalized marijuana

Dear Editor:

I am currently enrolled as a student at ETSU, and I’m taking a course in History section U.S. to 1877. In effort to receive extra credit in my U.S. History class, I am writing to you with hopes you will publish my letter. I would like to bring to your attention the marijuana issue. I am fully aware that ETSU is a drug free campus, and in no way trying to promote that I smoke marijuana. I want to share with the students and faculty at ETSU how marijuana could possibly save this country from the debt that we have gotten ourselves into.
In my history class we are studying George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, pilgrims, slaves, cotton, etc. Now did you know that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson actually grew marijuana on their plantations? Not only was marijuana grown on their plantations, Jefferson and Washington both used the stalk of the plant to produce hemp, which they used to make rope, clothing, and paper. Washington actually used the hemp to make his slaves’ clothing. Did you also know that hemp was used to make the parachute that help save George Bush, Sr.’s life when his bomber was shot down over the Pacific in 1944 and was made out of 100% American hemp? 125 years ago nearly all rope, canvas, clothes, paper, ship sails, and etc. was made from hemp. Here is another fun fact about history and marijuana, did you know that marijuana is safer to grow than cotton? Cotton is a soil-damaging crop that needs large amounts of fertilizers and pesticides. Did you know that one acre of hemp will produce as much as two to three acres of cotton, plus hemp is four times warmer than cotton, four times water absorbent than cotton, and three times stronger than cotton?
Hemp/marijuana is also used for medical purposes like, cancer, anxiety, depression, and epilepsy, a condition I have struggled with since I was five years old. Even though marijuana isn’t legal to grow in the United States and the government has proof that it can help us in many ways, legally we can’t grow it. Me and three million other people that suffer from epilepsy and that’s not including the other disorders that marijuana is able to provide relief for, are forced to take prescription drugs given to use by our government that do more harm than good. It is a very sad that Americans are being harmed by medicines that are made synthetically in laboratories that are supposed to help them, when marijuana can be grown anywhere and it’s safe and natural.
I would like this letter that I have written to you today to be published not because I am a pothead, but to bring awareness about the medicinal and manufacturing qualities of marijuana. I would like it to get published for the simple fact that the American people or just the few that reads this newspaper will understand the power of natural drugs and what it can do for American society.


Lynsey A. Pickett
Freshman at ETSU – Nursing Major

Thanks for help with SADD pool party

Dear Editor:

On August 2, 2012, the SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) Club of Johnson County was host for a back-to-school bash pool party for all high school students of JCHS. For the low cost of $5, students could swim from 6-9pm and partake of a meal with a drink. Menu items included a hot dog, chips, and a drink or nachos-n-cheese and a drink. It was a great way to kick-off going back to school and the end of summer. The music was great and everyone got to hang out with their friends. This event not only offered students a great time, but also was a fundraiser for SADD.
SADD of Johnson County actively works to provide drug-free alternative activities to Johnson County middle and high school students. One activity is the 5th Quarter Dances offered for all JCHS students after each home football game. Your support for these activities through donations of money or supplies, participation through chaperoning an event upon approval of background checks, and/or support of fundraisers allows for leadership trainings for SADD members, events/activities, and much more for Johnson County youth.
Thank you to everyone that came and supported the club. A special “thank you” goes to all who worked the event through bringing donated items, those who were lifeguards, those who chaperoned (Sherry Stanley, Sherri Israel, and Deana Miller), Security officer (Shawn Brown), and all who prepared the food and brought the music (SADD members). It was lots of fun!

By Hannah Woods
SADD Club Member

Relay sets goal of lighting 2012 luminaries this year

Dear Johnson County,

Relay for Life time is quickly approaching. The luminary goal this year is to light at least 2,012 luminary bags. As most of you know, a luminary candle will be lit in honor of a survivor or caregiver, or in memory of a loved one. The track will be lined with these bright candles as a show of our community’s love and support for cancer fighters. The economy has had an effect on many people’s ability to support charitable organizations. The lighting of a candle is a small way that everyone can be a part of the fight against cancer. Each name is only $5 and luminary bags can be purchased from Relay team members. You can also decorate your own bag. On July 13, 2012, we have an opportunity to “light the way” in a beautiful display of honor and memories. Make plans now to be a part of the ceremony and don’t delay in getting your luminary bags. A blank form can be found in The Tomahawk and at any of Farmers State Bank’s three locations.

Janette Eastridge,
Farmers State Bank Relay Team Member

Optimists say thanks for assitance with golf tourney

Dear Editor,

On behalf of the Johnson County Optimist Club, I would like to thank all the Golfers, Hole Sponsors, Prize Donors and Volunteers who helped make our fifth annual golf tournament a success. The motto of the Optimist Club is “Bringing out the Best in Kids.” All the money raised from this event will be used to benefit the youth of Johnson County. A special thank you to Red Tail Mountain Golf Club, Head Golf Pro Josh McWhorter, and the staff for their assistance in making this event possible.

Mischelle Simcox,

Chairperson, Optimist Golf Tournament Committee

Cancer survivors can still get door prizes from recent dinner

My name is Linda Keller. I am a 14-year cancer survivor, which I thank God for. I have for the last four years worked with Lesa Brown with getting the door prizes for our Cancer Survivor Dinner. I want to thank all the wonderful people who have donated the great gifts. Due to the death of my sister on May 5th from cancer, I could not help this year. The pain was too new.
I want to thank Mrs. Garland and Mrs. Campbell for helping Lesa. I also want to thank the Levi Retirees for a delicious dinner they prepared, served and cleaned up. They donated all to the survivors and their guests. We appreciate also “Slice of Bluegrass” for performing that night.
I have received several phone calls that were very upsetting to me. Apparently the manner in which the door prizes were given out was changed this year, but not by myself or Lesa. We would have preferred that all survivors receive a prize as they always had. Last year we used red tickets for survivors and blue for their guests. All red tickets were drawn first, then the blue tickets. This year all tickets were the same color and it caused some confusion. If you are a cancer survivor that did not get a door prize, please call me at 727-7675, and I will see that you get a prize.
Again, thank you, Lesa Brown for all your years of hard work done with love, not for a pat on the back. Also to the Levi Retirees for the delicious dinner, done with love. And to all the wonderful people that donated door prizes out of love.

God bless all,
Linda Keller

Humane Society says thank you

Dear Editor:

The Johnson County Humane Society had their biannual rummage sale April 20and 21 of this year. The two-day sale was very successful with net earnings totaling $6,251.90. I want to thank all of you who helped in any way. Planning the sale, advertising for it, setting up the Armory, working the sale, purchasing items and cleaning up provide numerous many opportunities to help. Your support is greatly appreciated. The next sale will be October 19 and 20th; I hope to see you there.

Rummage Sale Coordinator,
Mary Gale