Cancer Center says thanks to Kerry and Sandra Gentry

For the last five years, two of Mountain City’s residents, Kerry and Sandra Gentry have given of their time, talents, and resources to participate in Celebrate Spring “A Mountain Retreat for Women with Cancer.”  The retreat is sponsored by Blount Memorial Cancer Center in Maryville. They have entertained more than 600 women. Laughter, fellowship and fun are never in short supply when Sandra and Kerry are in the house. Helping teach women there is life after cancer is their goal. The special attention they give to the ladies during their program cannot be described in words.
The dedication they have given to our program is truly a blessing to me and to our program. Mountain City should be very proud of their efforts and their representation of Mountain City and the caliber of people that are a part of your community. Thank you for sharing them with us.

Carmen McCloud
Director, Blount Memorial Cancer Center
Maryville, TN

Thanks to all who helped close Cloud 9 Emporium

Yeah! It’s over!
I want to thank everyone who played a role in anyway in the closing of “Cloud 9 Emporium.” You should all feel very, very proud of yourselves. To those of you who stood by and did nothing, “shame on you.” This situation should open your eyes to what is possible when a community stands up to right a wrong. What we do does not have to be obvious. Write a letter to your legislature, inform your friends and neighbors, instruct your children to the dangers surrounding them. Just do something! To do nothing simply condones the wrong.
I want to especially thank our Sheriff Mike Reece. His diligence and perseverance certainly paid off. We may not always know what our law enforcement is doing behind the scenes, but we have to be grateful that they always have our backs.
Thank you, Mountain City.

Barbara Freyermuth

Primaries, caucuses and parties: ‘I feel your pain’

These comments were sent to the Editor of the Oak Ridger regarding his unhappiness expressed in his Editorial on 21 January 2010, entitled “Caucus mistake by Dems repeated by Anderson’s GOP”.
Primaries, Caucuses & Parties
As they like to say, “I feel your pain”. You have definitely hit on the main problem with the process of nominating candidates for our elected public officials.
As people who study history have learned, this problem started only a few decades after the ratification of our Constitution. The first semblance of “parties” began with the Federalists and the Democratic-Republicans with opposing “philosophies” that have not much changed even today.
As observers from both parties have noted, opinions differ widely, even within their own parties.
That is why they pay so much attention to the “centrists”, “independents”, or other labels you want to lay on people like me who have “voted for the lesser of two evils” for decades.
We non-party people do not care about “party platforms”. Rather, we are always interested in the ISSUES of the day. It therefore becomes possible for an independent voter to want 50% of the views of Party “A”, and 50% of the views of Party “B”. What to do? What to do? Neither choice satisfies. This is especially true when they don’t even follow through with the promises they make. This voter certainly does not want to join a party to “gang up” on those who disagree with me.
Voting for “A” or “B” has been the only choice we have had. Why? Because the parties that have gained power have manipulated our political system to make it hard for an “independent” candidate to have a chance, financially, and because many in the media today continue to belittle these candidates, rather than truly presenting to the public what these people intend to do, or not do, if elected. And if all that were not enough, the Party Incumbents “gerrymander” districts to favor their candidate, giving even less and less meaning to the term “representative”, and make rules to make it hard to get a non-Dem, non-GOP candidate on the ballot.

There is a solution, if people will just take the time to consider giving up their past “loyalties”, putting some time in studying the issues in depth, “nominating” a candidate that is in MOST agreement with their views, THEN putting that candidate on the ballot, as a NON-PARTY CANDIDATE. Note the difference here….we DON’T mean a “third party candidate”. Further, the andidate in such a process would not be allowed to accept donations from anyone of more that $100.
Interested? Check out in depth. Be warned! If you first think it is a possibility, be ready to spend some time answering the 100 questions on the ISSUES. It is not an easy task. It shouldn’t be. Imagine YOU being in the elected seat and having to make the decision.

If you like it, and want to help make it work, contact the state coordinator, Andy Andrew, who can be found on the web site. I have personally participated in one of the “mock candidate selection” meetings, and I can attest to the enthusiasm of the 95 people present in a 2.5hr meeting that was anything but boring. The best measurement of that comment would be that the local reporter and his photographer stayed for the entire 2.5hrs….something they rarely do. They sensed the enthusiasm, stayed, and hence did a great job of reporting on this meeting.

Robert Humphries,
Oak Ridge, TN

CS/ME, Fibromyalgia Day coming up May 12

Walk in the light of your fearlessness. May 12th is Awareness Day for CS/ME and Fibromyalgia. These illnesses diminish the lives of those surviving them each day. Many are left bedridden, housebound or in isolation. I’ve met many such survivors, each brave beyond words.
Many times we feel disconnected from everyone due to chronic illness. We can’t always express how or what we feel to others. This leaves us frustrated and alone in a room filled with people. We reach deep inside to see a part of us that many people never need to find. We hold on tight to places in our mind where many people never need to go. Survival is a daily task. Peace, at many times, can be a strange to us.
As I think of those surviving chronic illness, I am reminded of how brave you are. You are not your illness. You are a mighty sword of a warrior going to battle each day for your life. You’re not your harmful thoughts, for they are imposed onto your mind. Yet, as a mighty sword, you are greater than those awful thoughts that enter the mind and effect your body and life. Together we stand, far apart we fall. We each give to the other the strength to move forward even when we would rather lay down and quit.
You show your strength and courage with each breath you take, every obstacle you overcome, each time you learn new ways to cope. You are fearless, even in your pain, for you move ever forward, despite it all.
All of your adversity has rebuilt you, mind, body and spirit. Allow the reality of this truth to wash over you. You are heroes of an unique kind, taking a journey down a very winding road. With uncertainty around every curve, you rise to the occasion with grace. Walk in the light of your fearlessness, for you are the description of courage.

Clarissa Shepherd

Trade VFD expresses gratitude to United Way

The Trade Fire Department would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the United Way fund-raising campaign. This benefits so many worthwhile organizations in our county. One of the good things is that you know where your donations go. They stay right here in our county None goes to the headquarters to pay salaries like so many other organizations do. We would like to thank all of the United Way volunteers who give of their valuable time to make this possible. They are doing their share to help other organizations achieve their much needed goals. We encourage all to continue your faithful support and thank you very much for your donations.

Michael Reece,
Chief of Trade, VFD

Fifth grader in Iowa wants Tennessee memorabilia

Hi! My name is Brock H. I’m a fifth grade student at Harlan Itermediate School in Harlan, Iowa. My class is studying the geography and history of my country. I love your state because I was just down there for a wedding and I am a fan of the Tennessee Titans. I would appreciate it if you would send me a souvenir, some postcards, and any information on the state of Tennessee.
My teacher, Mrs. Newlin, would love a car license plate for a school project, if possible. I appreciate your time! Thanks!

Mrs. Newlin’s Social Studies Class
Harlan Intermediate School
1401 19th St., Harlan, Iowa 51537

Editor’s note: How about it, Johnson County? Can we show this fifth grade student in Iowa how proud we are of our state by helping him out? Let’s send some encouraging letters, beautiful picture postcards and exciting historical information to Brock and his classmates. Just drop your memorabilia and information off to us at The Tomahawk and we will package it up and send it on its way. We will need it by next Friday, April 20, 2012.

Brock H.

Thank you for your support of Heating Fund

 I would like to take a moment to thank all of the merchants and individuals who decorated trees on Main Street to benefit the Johnson County Emergency Heating Assistance for Seniors Fund. While the trees were not auctioned off because they become somewhat battered over time, the Heating Fund collected donations totaling $600 because of this generous and festive activity. The trees added a lot of festivity to Main Street for the Christmas season, adding to the ambiance of our town. I would also like to extend a special thanks to all who donated; if you made a donation and need a tax receipt, please contact me at the address below.
Huge thanks are due to everyone who helps keep the Heating fund operating. We would not be able to help anyone if it was not due to the generosity of our community in continued support and donations. We continue to receive donations from individuals, businesses and churches around Johnson County; it is a reminder that this is such a special place full of special people who make the community great. We have already helped 18 seniors this year who would otherwise have been without heat, and we expect many more before the winter is over. If anyone would like to make a direct donation, you can send your contribution to the Johnson County Emergency Heating Assistance for Seniors Fund, care of Gwen Bell, P.O. Box 208, Mountain City, TN 37683.
 If you are a low income senior citizen with an emergency situation which leaves you without heat this winter and would like to be considered for assistance, please contact us and we will get you an application and point you in the right direction.

Thank you,
Gwen Bell, President
Johnson County Emergency Heating Assistance for Seniors Fund

United Way says thanks

You Did It Johnson County!
On behalf of the United Way of Johnson County/Mountain City I would like to offer my sincere appreciation to all of those that were so generous in your donations to the United Way. Being able to fully realize our goal in this tough economy speaks volumes of your compassion and generous spirit.
Your donations will help our volunteer fire fighters, our senior citizens and sponsor children to attend 4-H Camp. Funding will also help support ACTION Coalition, American Red Cross, Safe Haven, Cancer Support and Legal Aid.
What a wonderful accomplishment this is for our community to be so supportive of services that mean so much to us all. If you missed giving, not to worry, you may continue to donate to the United Way and the funds that we receive will go toward helping us reach our goal next year.
Thank you to all our agencies that contribute so much to our county, and I wish to extend a special thank you to our board that has worked so hard for many years. Your service is definitely appreciated.

Ruth Ann Osborne
President, United Way

Abortion ends a life and causes multiple problems

This month liberals (like President Obama) celebrate 39 years of legalized abortion and Christians mourn the loss of over 55 million babies. After 39 years, is there anything most people don’t know about abortion? Yes, there are shocking facts and negative consequences or side effects of abortion that the pro-abortion media refuses to publicize. The media has aborted the truth!
Americans are painfully unaware of the “excruciating pain” the unborn 20-week fetuses suffer during an abortion said Dr. Kanwaljeet Anand. Dr. Anand said by 20 weeks fetuses have developed all the nerve and brain functions to feel pain but none of the coping mechanisms that help infants and adults to deal with the sensation. Even at eight weeks, the fetuses have a heartbeat and brain waves and could feel pain. We declare dead anyone that has no heartbeat or brain waves. Why is the unborn who have both not considered alive?
Pro-abortion violence is more severe then that of pro-lifers. Dr. Brian Clowes says documents some 12,000 instances of pro-abortion violence. Dr. Clowes reports 550 fatal butchered abortions where women have died. It also includes more than 300 murderers-abortionists killing their wives, killing abortion patients, and killing pro-lifers. Most murders of pregnant women are boyfriends murdering their pregnant girlfriends because they refuse to have abortions.
We need to end abortion, the most violent ongoing evil in America! Compared to pregnant women who had their babies, pregnant women who aborted studies found more life-threatening physical conditions. Abortion can damage reproductive organs resulting in higher reproductive complications and problems with subsequent deliveries such as infertility, stillbirths, miscarriages, and premature births. Studies found increased cancer rates for women who have abortions. Compared to pregnant women who had their babies, pregnant women who aborted studies found they had more psychological conditions. They had six times higher suicide rate. They had 65% higher risk of clinical depression and stress. They had more sleep disorders and eating disorders. They had five times more drug and alcohol abuse. They have more divorce and more relationship problems. A study found 31% had regrets about the abortion and 60% said they felt “part of me died” after their abortion. See One woman who had an abortion said, “Having your baby is a choice you will never regret.”
They are correct. Part of them did die and so did part of America. How many great people (like computer genius Steve Jobs (who was a candidate for abortion but his mother chose adoption) have been aborted over the last 39 years? America 39 years of denying the truth is long enough!

Daniel Nave

Traveler thankful for honest Butler lady

I wish to tell you about one of our fellow citizens. Traveling to Indianapolis to see my first grandchild in the company of my wife and mother, we stopped at a West Virginia rest stop. Mother took in her purse and left it hanging on a toilet stall door. Later, a lady by the name of Geree Harry from Butler, Tenn., found it. Some two hours later our son informed us that a lady had found mother’s purse. After discussing the situation we asked her to mail the purse back to our home in North Carolina.
In a time when citizens have forgotten “The first requisite of a good citizen in this republic of ours is that he shall be able and willing to pull his or her weight,” I proudly thank her and those of us who still believe in values that established this country.
If you run into this lady thank her as I do for her honesty and integrity. May God continue to Bless the United States of America.

JR King
North Carolina

Reader believes wealthy should pay their “fair share”

Question: Who was the president of the United States from 1993 to 2000 when: this country prospered with the greatest economic expansion in history? This country had the lowest unemployment rate in 30 years? This country had the lowest poverty rate in 20 years? This country had back-to-back balanced budgets and surpluses for the first time in 42 years? This country was put on a path to eliminate the federal debt within a decade? This country had the lowest crime rate in 25 years?
Answer: William Jefferson Clinton.
It is time the wealthy and large corporations pay their fair share of taxes. Their excuse always is if they have to pay taxes they can’t use their money to create jobs. Well, wake up Republicans. G.W. Bush gave the wealthy and corporations their no tax break during his first term as president. At that time everywhere you went were billboards and signs on factories in every city with help wanted signs. Most factories advertised their pay at $14 or more per hour. The wealthy and large corporations used this money to load up their machinery out of their factories and sent it to foreign countries such as China or Korea. Now everywhere you go if you do see a help sign, it is at a fast food restaurant.
Make the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes and get this country rolling again.

William A. “Bill” Greer

Community Theatre appreciates community

Johnson County Community Theatre would like to thank everyone that came to see our “A Country Christmas Carol” production at Heritage Hall. We hope that it put you in the spirit of the season! We all had a lot of fun and appreciate your patronage. 
Also, we would like to extend special thanks to The Tomahawk for their awesome coverage of this event. Thank you to WMCT and The Mountain Sentinel for their support of our efforts. 

Kathy Henderson

Tomahawk commended for supporting community

I would like to take this means to express my appreciation to you for the support your paper gives to the churches and the resulting community ministries.
Through the numerous occasion through out the past year, each initiative was published and our community became aware of what was available. For example:
1- Donation of medical equipment: Our residents donate medical equipment that is no longer being used. This equipment is held until someone needs it. After he or she no longer has a need, the equipment is recycled to the next person. Your support of this program has been nothing less than outstanding.
2- The Angel Food Ministry initiative: Although short lived, would have given our people opportunity to purchase quality food at a reduced rate. Your very excellent write up of this program fully informed or neighbors of the availability. (Note: Currently, we are researching ONE HARVEST food ministry as a replacement and hope to have this in operation in the near future.)
3- Publicizing the AARP Driver Safety Class has assisted 28 of our resident to participate and earn three year Automobile Insurance Discounts, in addition, to reviewing the updated safety and roadway rules.
You have been instrumental in each of these program, and your people have always been very courteous and helpful with every initiative. I would simply like to say that I believe community appreciates you and wishes you continued success and a bright future.

Harry Cunningham
Senior Coordinator, Roan Creek Baptist Church

We should all get our priorities in line in USA

This past week I read two articles that I found very interesting. They are vastly different, but the differences serve to point out what SHOULD be important in our life versus what we have let become important.
The first article was about a reception in Washington County, Va. The event was a meet and greet event, during which incoming and outgoing board members were briefly honored. The event was held at the Southwest Va. Higher Education Center, at a total cost of $2,617.38.
The second was an article stating that the Pentagon revealed that some partial, incinerated remains of 9/11 victims that could not be identified were sent to a landfill. The report was made by an independent committee that had been asked to investigate practices at the military’s mortuary at Dover, Del., the first stopping point for the fallen troops coming home from war overseas.
The number of victims involved was unclear, but the report said the remains were from people killed when a terrorist-hijacked airliner struck the Pentagon, killing 184 people, and another crashed in Shanksville, Pa., killing 40 in the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks.
Has our integrity and duty as a people become so obsolete that having a good time has become uppermost in our lives, and regard for our brother has become mundane? I know one thing, if my child happened to be one of the discarded humans that were in the dead, dumped like so much garbage in a landfill, I would be irate! And as a Christian and My Brothers’ Keeper, I am incensed on behalf of the humans that are in that dump. Why couldn’t the government at least put them in hallowed ground in a cemetery, instead of a landfill with the garbage? What are we becoming as a nation when we are unconcerned at the atrocities happening around us, and our top concern is wasting money on trivial pursuits? Our priorities have changed drastically and we are becoming a people whose hearts are waxing cold to our neighbors plight.
We have prided ourselves as being a God fearing nation with honor and integrity, with love and concern for our fellow man and God at the Helm. We are fast becoming a Godless nation with concern for no one but ourselves. We can’t change other people, only they can do that. But we can change our self. Each journey begins with one step. May Our Heavenly Father have mercy on us all if we don’t start changing the things we can, and become a Christian nation in action instead of words.

Barbara Pennington Poe
Shady Valley, TN

Reader wants more crime coverage in Tomahawk

“What the people don’t know will hurt them.” This statement, being part of the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America, and also a daily insert on the editorial page of the Johnson City Press, and also the parent owners of the Tomahawk newspaper. I find it very ironic that the Tomahawk newspaper is devoid of mentioning news of criminal and unlawful activities that is so prevalent in Johnson County.
When reading the Johnson City Press I find numerous accounts almost daily of criminal activity being reported. Many have pictures, names and addresses of those so charged. These charges list many items of unlawful infractions but the one mostly concerning the residents of Johnson County is the widespread growth of the drug problem. The drug problems in Johnson County leads to a host of other problems such as, the impact it has upon our youth, burglary, broken homes and families as well as destruction of property. The argument that the Tomahawk stopped these listings because they supply papers to the schools and not wanting to expose our children to these problems, is not relevant as the Johnson City Press is a supporter of newspapers in class rooms and far as I know do not have a special censored edition for schools.
The reporting of court cases in the Tomahawk is also a concern of Johnson County residents. The court report is very difficult to read or decipher and to find results of cases tried. The report mostly shows names, case docket numbers and charges with never a hint of penalties of those so charged. Most of the results are normally cited as continued! I would like to point out that the Johnson City Press has a full listing of court case tried in Elizabethton, Johnson City and other localities and the report list the disposition of tried cases.
I find it most difficult to understand how or why the Tomahawk newspaper has taken upon itself to censor what news the residents of Mountain City and Johnson County can read. I, as well as others I have talked with believe the Tomahawk could better serve its reads with actual reporting of the things that are rapidly changing Johnson County for the worse.
The Sunshine Law has been discussed in Nashville about relaxing how our elected official can discuss the business of localities, and the newspaper have been a strong advocate in not weakening these laws. So, in closing we can readily see “what the people don’t know will hurt them.”

Editor’s Note: The Johnson County court report that Mr. Martin refers to is still available on our website at He is correct that it no longer appears in the printed version of The Tomahawk per an agreement with our local school system that allows us to put the paper in Johnson County classrooms as a teaching tool under a program called “Newspapers In Education.” However, we take exception to the claim that “criminal activity” is not reported in The Tomahawk, i.e., seven of the nine issues printed this year have had at least one article on the front page concerning issues from drug related arrests to murder investigations. We are in constant communication with our local law officials to bring the news to our readers on a weekly basis in our print edition and a daily basis on our web site and Facebook page.

Charlie E. Martin
Laurel Bloomery, TN

No Mountaintop Removal Mining in TN

I believe Lt. Gov. Ramsey misrepresented the impact of the Senate Energy and Environment Committee's passage of “SB 577” last week, which was still referred to as the TN “Scenic Vistas Protection Act.” In fact, on Feb. 29th, the Senate Energy & Environment Committee radically altered SB 577 before passing it, and the amendments essentially allow “business as usual” including more mountaintop removal (MTR) mining.
More importantly, though, the amended bill will be considered before the full TN Senate on March 8th! Please contact all the Senators and Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey before the Senate session begins that day. Ask them to restore and support the original language of the bill (details available from, Mar 1 Action Alert) and then pass it!
You may realize that the southern Appalachians are one of the richest regions in the world for biodiversity. Many people use our mountains for outdoor recreation, and for peace of mind and spiritual renewal. Their value for tourism and in maintaining our cultural heritage far exceeds any compensation for a one-time extraction of low-grade coal, especially since the profits go to a company outside of TN.
What about jobs? MTR mining is not like coal mining that was done years ago. It actually reduces the number of people employed in coal mining, and the profits go to corporations in other states. Data from KY, VA, and WV show that people who live in mined areas suffer most directly from the health impacts of air and water pollution and do not benefit economically in the long term. A less destructive form of mining can be used.
Destroying our mountains for a one-time use is poor stewardship of a gift from God. Please let our Senators and Lt. Gov. Ramsey know how you feel before March 8th. Thank you.

Carol Landis
Johnson City

Reader says middle school is as important as high school

I love your papers! You always make sure you have everything that goes on in Johnson County. You put high school and middle school events in, but you don’t put as much middle school stuff in as high school events. I think that middle school is just as important as high school. I would like to see more middle school events. Thank you for your time.

Abby Miller

New ABC show GCB is offensive to Christians

The network ABC has a new primetime soap, GCB, based on the book “Good Christian B*tches.” In World Magazine, Megan Basham said, “None of the foul-mouthed, barely dressed characters on GCB are actual Christians. There’s no question about the intent of creator Darren Starr (Sex and the City). He aims to paint those who profess Jesus with the broadest and ugliest brush he can find.”
Basham said the show uses every lazy stereotype of hypocritical, Bible-belt Bible-thumpers the writers can think of. One of the supposed Christians on the show said that her exposed cleavage helps her cross hang straight and later that the phone isn’t the proper venue for discussing adultery – church is.
If a Christian producer gave similar treatment of Islam or homosexuals, the media and Hollywood celebrity twitter accounts and talk shows would explode from the outpouring accusations of hate speech. They wouldn’t call it only satire.
ABC and other networks have all received awards from gay groups for their favorable treatment of homosexuals. The rare violent acts aimed at homosexuals, blacks, Muslims, etc., regularly generate national soul-searching by the major media. However, more people are killed or beaten throughout the world because they are Christians than all other groups combined. No one in the news media will call for examination of the attitudes toward Christians. It’s taken for granted by the media that making fun of and hating Christians is acceptable and reasonable. Because over 90 percent of the media including the news media have an anti-Christian liberal worldview and agenda, their arguments should be examined carefully. Not only are Christians called to be salt, they are called to test things and take things with a grain of salt! There’s only one kind of news that is completely believable and always true, and it’s the good news of Jesus!

D.D. Nave

Is there an end time clock ticking in 2012?

Never has the general public demonstrated such an interest in the possibility of an end time happening as today. People want to know if the end times might happen in the near future and if so when that might occur. The December 2012 predictions of an ancient Aztec calendar, timelines in the Great Pyramid, the writings of Nostradamus along with commonly held theories regarding Bible prophecy are capturing the interest of more and more people every day.
Sorting fact from fiction amid all the conflicting predictions and prophecies being touted is becoming increasingly difficult to do. This is especially true in the Christian world where even the most highly regarded Christian leads and Bible scholars base their thinking and teaching on the 17th and 18th century theories not on Biblical facts.
The Bible is a book of prophecies, most of which have been fulfilled. God has always “hit the mark” and thus can be expected to be right on about His Prophecies for the Last Days. These have been ignored as the man conceived “theories” as taught by 95% of the prophecy teachers/pastors are regarded as Gospel.
A handful of brave, bold pastors and teachers are attempting to overcome these misconceptions that are so firmly entrenched in modern Christianity world wide, not only to provide correct information to Christians but to people everywhere who want to know and need to know what really is going to happen in the not distant future. on the web is one source where verifiable facts of laid out easy to understand commentary that explains what God says will happen and how people can prepare for the difficult times ahead. Pastor Joseph Cores, Faith Cometh By Hearing ministry takes on the “science fiction” theories of the End of the Age, shreds them with documented research and replaces them with the irrefutable truths of God’s Word.
The clock is truly ticking. People need to be prepared and not blindsided because they were not taught the truth. The people following the Aztec calendar predications, those looking for dates on the timelines of the Pyramids, those putting their trust in the predications of Nostradamus or blindly following the “science fiction” theories of today’s popular prophecy teachers and pastors while seeking answers to their questions, can be prepared. The time to get the truth is now. can help.

Anne Stromberg

Now let's work to rid the county of all drugs

Amidst all of the finger pointing, protesting, and controversy over the synthetic drug issues, we would like to recognize those who “do not” sell or use synthetic drugs. Thank you to the businesses that do not have this poison lurking behind their counters waiting for our children to ask for them. (And yes, they say they don’t sell to anyone under 21. But, these are our children too.) To these, we salute you for your upstanding principles and determination not to give in to the monetary benefits of these killers.
Thank you to the people of this and other counties, both young and old, who do not use or intend to tolerate these drugs or the ones that sell them. Thank you for your support in the fight to rid our county of them. Please continue to participate and let these people know that their businesses are not wanted here.
When we are finally rid of them once and for all, while we are still fired up about it, let’s dig in and put the same fight against the other drug issues here. The ones that are already illegal. These are killers also and have been for a while. So, let’s have a “No Tolerance” policy against these also. Wouldn’t it be great to live once again in a drug free county?
Thanks again for your continued support.

The Synthetic Drug Committee of Johnson County