Heritage Hall grateful support from community

Dear Editor:

I’m sure I can speak for the entire Heritage Hall Board when I say “thank you” to our community and our area for supporting us through a truly busy first five months of 2012. During this short time period, Heritage Hall has provided a venue for two middle school concerts, the high school’s spring musical, the Young Artists’ musical, the JC Foundation’s Talent Show, a DARE graduation for MCES, and the Community Theatre’s spring production.
Our own events have included two free Barter shows for the middle school and an affordable Barter children’s show for local families, along with a major Barter production for adults. We also offered a free Army Volunteer concert, a Kody Norris show, the ETSU Jazz Ensemble, and the amazing Tribute to Doc Watson.
None of these events could’ve been possible without the hundreds of volunteer hours our house managers, ushers, sound and lighting techs, ticketing folks, and production managers clock each year. And of course without our event sponsors and Curtain Raisers we could not have ended each fiscal year successfully.
But our most important supporters, who we are constantly marketing, the ones who create the presence needed for any successful production, are our patrons. We couldn’t have had the successful run this year and all the other years without your support. As busy people, we know how much effort is involved in your support of Heritage Hall, and we deeply appreciate your great contribution to our success.
Please continue to keep us in mind as you budget your time by checking our schedule on heritagehalltheatre.org, as you budget your finances by responding to our 2012/13 Curtain Raisers Campaign, or by volunteering to sponsor an event, or by becoming a season pass holder. For more information regarding anything Heritage Hall, call the Box Office, 423-727-7444.
Thank you, Johnson County, for keeping the performing arts alive in Johnson County.

Wanda Payne, Heritage Hall Marketing

Blessings and thanks from CBM missionaries

Last Thursday night at the Crewette Building, there was an outpouring of generosity to enable many Johnson County boys and girls to enjoy a week at CBM Camp Ta-Pa-Win-Go this summer.
Our thanks go to the Levi Retirees who prepared and served a wonderful ham dinner with all the extras. Their love for our children was very evident as they served a delicious meal to a crowd of 300 people. Those who “ate in” appreciated the beautifully decorated tables.
We would also like to thank Roger Espinoza and the Modern Woodsmen for partnering with us to give Johnson County boys and girls an opportunity to experience a life-changing week at camp.
Thanks to everyone who donated money for the food and bought tickets to fund camp scholarships for our children.

“Mr. Mike” & Ms. Liane,
Your CBM Missionaries

How does it make you feel to steal a child's bike?

To the person who stole bike off my porch on Shoun Street…
Did you know it was a Christmas present for a child?
Did you know the child is 10 years old?
Did you know another child used the bike to ride to church two times a week?
Did you think of the feeling for the child or the money you would get for it?
When you see this child playing in the yard and not riding his bike will you feel any guilt?
I hope this will make you think before you steal another child’s bike.

Kathy Terrill

150 successful years for Department of Agriculture

One hundred and fifty years ago, in the midst of a great Civil War, President Lincoln signed legislation to establish a Department of Agriculture in order to “acquire and to diffuse among the people of the United States useful information on subjects connected with agriculture … and to procure, propagate, and distribute among the people new and valuable seeds and plants.”
Armed with these broad mandates, the “People’s Department,” as he called it, set about to serve American farmers and a mostly rural American landscape. At that time, almost half of all Americans lived on farms, compared with about 2 percent today. The population in 1862 was then about 31.4 million and today, that number has increased tenfold to almost 313 million people.
Over the last 150 years, through the department’s work on food science, agricultural research, nutrition assistance, bio-fuel production, economic and community development, natural resource conservation, international trade, credit, and a host of other issues, the USDA still fulfills Abraham Lincoln’s original vision – touching the lives of every American, every day in almost every way.
By any measure, it’s been a very successful 150 years for USDA. Americans benefit from safe, abundant, and reasonably priced food. We produce 85% of what we consume and therefore enjoy food security. Our food, fuel, and fiber industries provide employment for more than 20 million Americans. Agricultural exports continue to post significant trade surpluses which, in turn, have generated almost one million jobs alone.
As we look to the decades ahead, USDA must continue to contribute to the strength and health of the nation by becoming a more modern and effective service provider. We must tighten our belt, just as many Americans are doing with their household budgets.
In the past few decades, American agriculture has become one of the most productive sectors of our economy thanks to farmers, ranchers and growers adopting technology, reducing their debt, and effectively managing risk. USDA is adopting these same lessons in its Blueprint for Stronger Service, announced by Secretary Vilsack earlier this year.
The Blueprint for Stronger Service aims to build a modern and efficient service organization that is closely aligned with technological innovations – and better suited to respond to 21st century agricultural challenges.
The challenges ahead are many, both for USDA and American agriculture, but by focusing on a strong safety net for farmers and ranchers, supporting policies that encourage sustainable productivity, and by promoting vibrant markets that help feed consumers at home and abroad, the “People’s Department” will continue to help create jobs, support working families, strengthen rural communities, and build on the success and productivity of the America’s farmers and ranchers.

Gene Davidson
State Executive Director
USDA Farm Service Agency

Thanks for help with team

I have heard that good help is hard to find. I, however, have come across great help.
I want to thank Junior Banner, Kim Leonard, John Austin, Jesse Brooks, and Mike Fenner
for all the time they give to help with the Lady Dodgers softball team. The girls are very fortunate
to have you all working with them. You are great coaches and I appreciate every one of you all.

Thank you,
Janet Brooks

Thank you to all who helped save Doe Mountain

We would like to express our great relief and happiness regarding the state purchase of the Doe Mountain property. This will be a high water mark of success for Johnson County and Mountain City. The purchase will help preserve the beauty of the area, promote tourism, boost the local economy and provide a center for recreation. The hiking and biking paths as well as future ATV and OHV trails will be a magnet for residents and visitors alike. A very special thank you to all the leaders whose efforts helped make this possible, including Mayor Potter, Representative Campbell and particularly Lieutenant Governor Ramsey.

Kevin and Joan Kuhner

Thanks for help with Bake-A-Thon for Heritage Hall

Thank you for making this event successful. To all the bakers, bidders and buyers, thank you for supporting our young people's performing arts programs. Special thanks to our sponsor, Phoenix Medical Products for making this event possible and to First United Methodist Church for the use of their fellowship hall. Thanks to The Tomahawk, WMCT and The Mountain Sentinel for their support.

The Heritage Hall Board of Directors
Kathy Henderson-chair

USS Columbus shipmate reunion September 12-16

Navy and Marine Corps shipmate who served on the USS Columbus CA-74/CG-12 from 1944 through 1976 and the USS Columbus (SSN-762) past and present, if you would like to share memories and camaraderie with old friends and make new ones, please contact Allen R. Hope, President, 3828 Hobson Road, Fort Wayne, IN 46815-4505. Home number is (260)486-2281 from 8 AM to 5 PM Eastern Time. Fax number is (260) 492-9771. Email [email protected]
USS Columbus CA-74/CG-12/SSN-762 Reunion on September 12 – September 16, 2012 at Holiday Inn Portland Airport, Portland Oregon. Please contact Allen R. Hope, President, 3828 Hobson Road, Fort Wayne, IN 46815-4505. Home number is (260) 486-2221 8AM to 5PM Eastern Time. Fax number is (260) 492-9771.

Frederick A. Fenzel
Public Relations Officer
USS Columbus Veterans Assn.
145 Newport Street
Arlington, MA 02476
[email protected]

ACTION says thanks for disposing of unwanted drugs

The A.C.T.I.O.N. Coalition would like to thank everyone in Johnson County who brought unused /unwanted prescriptions to the National Prescription Drug Take Back Day on April 28th, 2012. The data is being tallied by the coalition and an article will be written concerning those numbers and kinds of medications that were turned over to our local law enforcement in the near future. We would also like to thank Bud and Christy from Family Prescription and the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department for partnering with A.C.T.I.O.N. to host this event.

Johnson County A.C.T.I.O.N. Coalition

SADD Club appreciates help with Safety Month events

The SADD Club (Students Against Destructive Decisions) and the A.C.T.I.O.N. Coalition would like to thank all who were involved in the Safety Month events at JCHS. Special thanks go to JCHS Security and Mr. Quave for his expertise with the Click It & Ticket Program, Kim Crosswhite and State Farm Insurance for supporting the program, Amanda Mullins and the Teen Health Council at JCHS for helping with the event, Jack Cress and Mountain View Exxon for supplying a wrecked car for the mock crash scene, Mountain City Fire Department for supplying a fire truck, Johnson County Sheriff’s Department for supplying officers for the Click It & Ticket event and mock crash scene, Willie DeBord for supplying EMS vehicles and manpower, and Paula Walter for taking pictures for us. The events were a great success and we would like to say thank you!

SADD Club Advisor,
Angie Dickens

Reader upset with Obama for supporting gay marriage

President Obama became the first president in our history to support same-sex marriage. As a Christian Sociologist who has studied the family I'm upset Obama wants to devalue marriage and take away the rights of children to have both a mother and father they need. I agree with the black leader who said, “The institution of marriage in human history has always been for the purpose of procreation and socialization and two people of the same sex can't fill either bill.”
Every major religion for over 5000 years has viewed homosexuality as unnatural, unwise and a offense against God. Obama is in effect saying “Stupid ancestors, stupid Tennesseans, stupid God, what did they know?” God does have a right to take away a homosexual couple’s right to be joined in holy matrimony because He alone decides what is holy.
Because of their control of the major media and Hollywood, homosexuality has gone from being illegal in about every state 40 years ago to being celebrated in every state today. People don't even know that homosexuality is so unhealthy the Red Cross won't accept their blood. While Christianity sees homosexuality as an adjective, the media says it's a noun. Liberals (like Obama) and some churches now celebrate homosexuality. However the Bible teaches homosexuality is like any other temptation that God calls people to resist. The Bible teaches it's the deliverance from temptation Christians and churches must celebrate, not its proud and eager embrace.
Christianity teaches feelings and emotions aren't a dependable source for determining right and wrong. C.S. Lewis said actions are more powerful then emotions and anyone you keep acting loving to you will feel love for. Many feel more love for their pets then anyone because they act more loving to their pet. In the Bible, love is an action and Jesus showed that love by paying for all our sins on the cross. Jesus loves everyone including homosexuals and has changed everyone who seeks Him-including homosexuals. We know homosexuality isn't genetic because often one identical twin is a homosexual while another isn't. Still homosexuals say they where born homosexual. The good news is with Jesus everyone including homosexuals can be born again.
For more info see www.exodusinternational.org or www.truthwinsout.org. As Christians our job isn't to fix people or make them nice but to tell them about Jesus. As C.S. Lewis said, “We must not suppose that even if we succeeded in making everyone nice we should have saved souls.” Nice people go to Hell if Jesus hasn't made them new by forgiving their sins. Some Christians and churches have spoken the truth about the sin of homosexuality but failed to extend Jesus-like compassion to those struggling, while some churches have rejected the truth and have married homosexuals and celebrated their homosexuality. Both are wrong, Jesus is 100 percent grace and love and 100 percent truth. If we fail to represent any part of that we fail to represent Jesus.

D.D. Nave
Elizabethton, TN

A Sunday morning drive told me what is wrong with us

The Tomahawk's recent Question Of The Week, “What do you think is the most important problem facing this country today?” was a real zinger, and the answers were mostly right on the money. I particularly agreed with the lady who said, “Too much government, not enough God.”
Our country has had a lot of problems in the past few years and lately everyone wants to blame President Obama. But it's not all his fault. If Senator McCain had won the election, we would still be hurting. If Governor Romney wins in November, our nation will still be in trouble. Our country started the down hill slide before the President was even born. I didn't vote for him, won't vote for him, but I'm not going to blame Obama for our nation's decline.
My wife had surgery a while back and couldn't go to our church that week. I decided to only attend Sunday School and head back home to insure she was okay. My 14 mile ride at 11:00 a.m. shed a lot of light on why our country is falling apart.
The parking lots at Food Lion, Save-A-Lot, Food Country, Fred's and Dollar General were packed. I must have passed a dozen trucks towing boats, the car washes had folks waiting in line, the ATMs were busy, the restaurants were packing them in and I saw hundreds of cars leisurely heading along life's highway. That was a sad 25 minute drive considering that Johnson County has a higher average of church going folk than the larger towns and cities.
God is slowly withdrawing His hand from America, and we deserve it! Unless we start putting the Lord Jesus Christ first in our lives, we are doomed as a nation. The great Evangelist of the past, Billy Kelly said it best…. “God is still on His throne, the reins are in His hands, and everything is running right on time!” We've got trouble folks, and the answer is in the Savior of the King James Bible, not Washington DC.

Jim Koenig
Mountain City

Wherefore art thou, President Obama?

Millions of Americans are not looking for a job any more. They have no unemployment benefits left, either discouraged or early retirement as their only option has left fewer people working than back in 1980!
Would anyone hazard a guess as to what the actual unemployment is in our country? Thirty-eight of our seniors age 65 or over are unemployed! Twenty-four percent of black men age 18-24 are jobless.
Now hear this! The Bureau of Labor counts a person part of the labor force if they have a job or have looked for one in the last four weeks!
Why did Obama go to Canada to buy two (two million each) buses for he and his staff to tour Texas? Remember there is a Detroit, Mr. President!
In fact, why did Obama give China the contract to rebuild our bridges and infrastructure?
Listen, America, to Karzai laughing about getting all of his billions over the next 10 years from our president! Why not share this horrible agreement with us, Mr. President? Why blackmail us to eventually leave when our country has already sacrificed so much?
We are now in the throes of big time inflation. Our dollar keeps losing value and groceries keep going higher. Gas prices so high that travel and vacations are prohibitive.
Just where and what is our energy program? Don’t we have about 35,000 people now employed to solve this problem?
I am afraid to look forward to four more years of your administration when I review the past three! Only goodbye.

Ed Cook

TEA Party is concerned with direction of country

Since their inception in 2008, TEA parties across the nation have been actively watching and affecting county and state legislatures, culminating in the success of the 2010 election. Now, according to most television news stations and newspapers, the Tea Party is dead. Nothing could be further from the truth.The fact is, “TEA Party” (Taxed Enough Already) is only a name given to common, everyday Americans who are concerned about the direction in which their country is moving. If you believe the government should be increasing drilling for natural gas and oil to keep prices lower, and should not be cutting oil drilling permits on public controlled land; the government should not interfere with our religious beliefs; hunting and fishing rights should be protected; your land should be yours, protected from death taxes and Agenda 21; the military must remain strong and our warriors should receive the respect and benefits they’ve earned; a safety net must be provided for all children and disabled; taxes are too high and the government must stop wasting money; health care prices should be as low as possible and purchase should be available to all, then you are a part of a majority of Americans which include the Tea Party groups.
Here in Johnson County, TEA party attendees are folks who are concerned about these issues and are farmers, nurses, realtors, teachers, business owners, ministers, veterans and many parents and grandparents who are alarmed that their children and grandchildren may inherit a country where American liberty and prosperity will be compromised. These folks do more than meet and discuss. Because of this dedication and commitment of everyday people like these, the Tennessee legislature (this year) passed the following: Nullification of ObamaCare in the State of Tennessee (signed into law), Schools in Tennessee must institute curriculum on American History and courses in Civics where the Founding Documents (i.e. U.S. Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights and the Federalist Papers) are required for all students (signed into law).
On April 4, 2012, the Tennessee Senate voted 24-8 and passed Bill SB 893, Creationism/Evolution, which would allow teachers to help students “understand, analyze, critique, and review in an objective manner the strength and weaknesses of existing scientific theories like biological evolution, global warming, and human cloning.”- Senator Bo Watson. The Health Care Compacts topic was shown as a presentation by TEA Party Patriots’ Jenny Beth Martin at the Knoxville, TN Summit in December, 2010. This is a formal governmental agreement between two states and must have approval from Congress, but not the President. Once in place, they would supersede Federal laws that exceed the Constitution Enumeration of Powers in the US Constitution. This has not yet passed is on the fast track.
The TEA Party is a conglomerate group, made up of conservatives, independents, libertarians, and even non-politicals that believe in the Constitution, and want any changes in our laws to be Constitution based. If you have questions or would like to join in discussions, the group meets every 4th Tuesday. This month we meet on April 24th at 6:30 pm at the American Legion on Church Street. Newcomers are welcome. Sandwiches, tea and coffee will be served.

Laura Comeaux
Rod Huff
Jeanne Courtney

Let's keep our teens driving safely all year

I would like to thank the students and advisors involved in SADD of Johnson County for raising awareness about teen driving throughout May, which is National Youth Traffic Safety Month.
More than 5,000 people die in car crashes involving teen drivers each year, and the number of deaths in 2009 in our state should trouble all Tennesseans. The “License to Save” report issued by The Allstate Foundation indicates more than 158 people died in Tennessee in 2009 in crashes involving teen drivers. It is the work of teens and advisors such as those involved in SADD of Johnson County who can help us change the culture of teen driving in our state.
While I am grateful for the awareness raised during National Youth Traffic Safety Month, teen safe driving is a year-round campaign. I lead the Tennessee Teen Safe Driving Coalition and we work all year to educate parents, teens and others about how to develop safe teen drivers. I encourage everyone interested in teen driving to join us and end this public safety epidemic. Together, we can save lives not just in May but every month of the year.

Sonya Manfred
Tennessee Teen Safe Driving Coalition Leader

Traveler thankful for honest Butler lady

I wish to tell you about one of our fellow citizens. Traveling to Indianapolis to see my first grandchild in the company of my wife and mother, we stopped at a West Virginia rest stop. Mother took in her purse and left it hanging on a toilet stall door. Later, a lady by the name of Geree Harry from Butler, Tenn., found it. Some two hours later our son informed us that a lady had found mother’s purse. After discussing the situation we asked her to mail the purse back to our home in North Carolina.
In a time when citizens have forgotten “The first requisite of a good citizen in this republic of ours is that he shall be able and willing to pull his or her weight,” I proudly thank her and those of us who still believe in values that established this country.
If you run into this lady thank her as I do for her honesty and integrity. May God continue to Bless the United States of America.

JR King
North Carolina

Reader believes wealthy should pay their “fair share”

Question: Who was the president of the United States from 1993 to 2000 when: this country prospered with the greatest economic expansion in history? This country had the lowest unemployment rate in 30 years? This country had the lowest poverty rate in 20 years? This country had back-to-back balanced budgets and surpluses for the first time in 42 years? This country was put on a path to eliminate the federal debt within a decade? This country had the lowest crime rate in 25 years?
Answer: William Jefferson Clinton.
It is time the wealthy and large corporations pay their fair share of taxes. Their excuse always is if they have to pay taxes they can’t use their money to create jobs. Well, wake up Republicans. G.W. Bush gave the wealthy and corporations their no tax break during his first term as president. At that time everywhere you went were billboards and signs on factories in every city with help wanted signs. Most factories advertised their pay at $14 or more per hour. The wealthy and large corporations used this money to load up their machinery out of their factories and sent it to foreign countries such as China or Korea. Now everywhere you go if you do see a help sign, it is at a fast food restaurant.
Make the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes and get this country rolling again.

William A. “Bill” Greer

Community Theatre appreciates community

Johnson County Community Theatre would like to thank everyone that came to see our “A Country Christmas Carol” production at Heritage Hall. We hope that it put you in the spirit of the season! We all had a lot of fun and appreciate your patronage. 
Also, we would like to extend special thanks to The Tomahawk for their awesome coverage of this event. Thank you to WMCT and The Mountain Sentinel for their support of our efforts. 

Kathy Henderson

Tomahawk commended for supporting community

I would like to take this means to express my appreciation to you for the support your paper gives to the churches and the resulting community ministries.
Through the numerous occasion through out the past year, each initiative was published and our community became aware of what was available. For example:
1- Donation of medical equipment: Our residents donate medical equipment that is no longer being used. This equipment is held until someone needs it. After he or she no longer has a need, the equipment is recycled to the next person. Your support of this program has been nothing less than outstanding.
2- The Angel Food Ministry initiative: Although short lived, would have given our people opportunity to purchase quality food at a reduced rate. Your very excellent write up of this program fully informed or neighbors of the availability. (Note: Currently, we are researching ONE HARVEST food ministry as a replacement and hope to have this in operation in the near future.)
3- Publicizing the AARP Driver Safety Class has assisted 28 of our resident to participate and earn three year Automobile Insurance Discounts, in addition, to reviewing the updated safety and roadway rules.
You have been instrumental in each of these program, and your people have always been very courteous and helpful with every initiative. I would simply like to say that I believe community appreciates you and wishes you continued success and a bright future.

Harry Cunningham
Senior Coordinator, Roan Creek Baptist Church

We should all get our priorities in line in USA

This past week I read two articles that I found very interesting. They are vastly different, but the differences serve to point out what SHOULD be important in our life versus what we have let become important.
The first article was about a reception in Washington County, Va. The event was a meet and greet event, during which incoming and outgoing board members were briefly honored. The event was held at the Southwest Va. Higher Education Center, at a total cost of $2,617.38.
The second was an article stating that the Pentagon revealed that some partial, incinerated remains of 9/11 victims that could not be identified were sent to a landfill. The report was made by an independent committee that had been asked to investigate practices at the military’s mortuary at Dover, Del., the first stopping point for the fallen troops coming home from war overseas.
The number of victims involved was unclear, but the report said the remains were from people killed when a terrorist-hijacked airliner struck the Pentagon, killing 184 people, and another crashed in Shanksville, Pa., killing 40 in the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks.
Has our integrity and duty as a people become so obsolete that having a good time has become uppermost in our lives, and regard for our brother has become mundane? I know one thing, if my child happened to be one of the discarded humans that were in the dead, dumped like so much garbage in a landfill, I would be irate! And as a Christian and My Brothers’ Keeper, I am incensed on behalf of the humans that are in that dump. Why couldn’t the government at least put them in hallowed ground in a cemetery, instead of a landfill with the garbage? What are we becoming as a nation when we are unconcerned at the atrocities happening around us, and our top concern is wasting money on trivial pursuits? Our priorities have changed drastically and we are becoming a people whose hearts are waxing cold to our neighbors plight.
We have prided ourselves as being a God fearing nation with honor and integrity, with love and concern for our fellow man and God at the Helm. We are fast becoming a Godless nation with concern for no one but ourselves. We can’t change other people, only they can do that. But we can change our self. Each journey begins with one step. May Our Heavenly Father have mercy on us all if we don’t start changing the things we can, and become a Christian nation in action instead of words.

Barbara Pennington Poe
Shady Valley, TN