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Johnson County,
The Honorable
William B. Hawkins,
Wednesday, March 13 , 2019

Peggy Michelle Snyder

Dustin Stephen Adkins
Motion Of Bond Relief
Gs-18-Cr-220/Dosl/Lt C Worley

Yesenia Felix Agustina
Interpreter To Be Here
Gs-19-Cr-153/Lt M Mullins
Ct-1/Leaving The Scene
Ct-2/Driving W/O License
Ct-3/Financial Responsibility

Alisha Dawn Arnold
For Plea Viol Date 6-27-18 Pd
Gs-18-Cr-470/Dui 1St/Ptl C Brown

Misty N Arnold
Gs-19-Cr-219/Dep B Sexton
Ct-1/Resisting Arrest
Ct-2/Poss Drug Para
Ct-3/Reckless Driving
Ct-4/Registration Law
Ct-5/Left Of Center
Ct-6/Evading By Mv
Ct-7/Traffic Control Device

Banian L Banner
Gs-19-Cr-217/Public Intoxication/Sgt J Peters

George William Brown
Gs-19-Cr-215/Dep T Brown
Ct-1/Poss Sch Vi
Ct-2/Poss Drug Para
Cts 3-4/Poss Weapon During Commission Of Felony

Donna L Bunting
Tracking Criminal Case Viol Date 12-19-18 Pd

Elvis Junior Coffey

David Allen Cooper
Gs-19-Cr-221/Agg Domestic Assault/Dep R Norris

William Jeffery Corum
Viol Date 11-28-18 Pd
Dep C Lipford
Ct-1/Domestic Assault
Ct-2/Violation Bond Conditions
Ct-3/Violation Order Protection
Ct-4/Interference W/ Emergency Calls

Stacey E Daley
Dep J Ferguson
Ct-1/Poss Sch Ii Resale
Ct-2/Criminal Conspiracy
Dep J Ferguson
Ct-1/Maintaining Dwelling
Ct-2/Poss Drug Para
Ct-3/Poss Sch Vi Resale

Zachary G Eastridge
Viol Date 3-6-19 Pd
Gs-19-Cr-209/Dep J Ferguson
Ct-1/Maintaining Dwelling
Ct-2/Poss Drug Para
Ct-3/Poss Sch Vi Resale

Jason A Feltner Tbd
Gs-18-Cr-517/Domestic Assault/Dep J Norman

Melissa Maxwell Feltner
Tbd Hyder
Gs-18-Cr-516/Domestic Assault/Dep J Norman

Lester Scott Gentry
Preliminary Hearing Curtis
Gs-18-Cr-932/Dep R Norris
Ct-1/Agg Domestic Assault
Ct-2/Interference W/Emergency Calls

Paul N Gentry
Preliminary Hearing
Gs-19-Cr-949/False Imprisonment/Dep R Norris

Chester C Graybeal
Gs-18-Cr-937/Dep C Lipford
Ct-1/Dui 1St
Ct-3/Open Container
Ct-4/Poss Handgun W/Intoxicated
Gs-19-Cr-12/Twra R Rosier
Ct-1/Hunting From Rd
Ct-2/Hunting From Vehicle
Gs-19-Cr-13/Illegal Taking Of Wild Life/Twra R Rosier

Harleah N Grogan
Gs-19-Cr-210/Dep J Ferguson
Ct-1/Maintaining Dwelling
Ct-2/Poss Drug Para
Ct-3/Poss Sch Vi Resale

Krasandra Lynn Harper
For Plea Viol Date 12-21-18 Pd
Gs-18-Cr-982/Dep B Sexton
Ct-1/Poss Drug Para
Ct-2/Simple Poss Sch Vi

Howard Wayne Hicks
Tbi Cert & Div Canter
Dep A Worley
Ct-1/Agg Domestic Assault
Ct-2/Resisting Arrest
Gs-18-Cr-836/Violation Bond Conditions/Dep B Sexton

Gary Edward Hilton
Viol Date 11-16-18 Pd
Gs-18-Cr-880/Dep T Brown
Ct-1/Resisting Arrest
Ct-2/Telephone Harassment

Aaron Heath Jenkins
Gs-19-Cr-220/Dep T Brown
Ct-1/Poss Sch Ii
Ct-2/Simple Poss Sch Vi
Ct-3/Poss Drug Para

Jeannie Carol Johnson
Gs-19-Cr-91/Prohibited Sale To A Minor/Inv J Norman

Linda Louise Johnson
Gs-19-Tr-43/Dosl/Dep A Worley

Angela Kay Jones

Chad E Lewis
Gs-19-Cr-218/Domestic Assault/Ptl J Johnson

Brittany Carol Matheson
Preliminary Hearing
Viol Date 1-5-19 Pd
Gs-19-Cr-96/Ptl C Hatley
Cts 1-2/Agg Child Abuse And Neglect

Kelly Moyer
Gs-19-Tr-2/Speeding/Thp C Dunn

Ira Oaks Jr
Gs-19-Cr-2314/Dep E Martin
Ct-1/Poss Sch Iv
Ct-2/Poss Sch Ii

Robert Olen
Gs-19-Cr-158/Harassment/Mark Potter

Melanie Nicole Patterson
To Have Dl
Gs-18-Cr-950/Driving W/O License/Thp C Dunn

Tracy Shannon Proffitt
Gs-19-Cr-106/Felony False Report/Dep A Worley

Juan Carlos Ramirez
Gs-19-Tr-50/Ptl C Hatley
Ct-1/Financial Responsibility
Ct-2/Due Care
Ct-3/Failure To Yield

Gs-19-Cr-85/Driving W/O License/Ptl C Hatley

Alvaro L Ramos
Req To Speak To Judge/Da- Re: Unsupervised Probation
Gs-18-Cr-724/Ui 1St/Dep T Brown

Matthew Blaise Samion

Dale R Seals
Gs-19-Tr-29/Dep A Worley
Ct-2/Financial Responsibility

Amanda Carol Sluder
To Have Dl Smith
Gs-18-Cr-827/Dosl 1St/Dep J Ferguson
Gs-19-Cr-76/Dep A Worley
Cts 1-2/Cruelty To Animals

Lara Michelle Snyder
Gs-18-Tr-568/Financial Responsibility/Lt M Cress

Nevin Wayne Snyder
HyderGs-18-Cr-768/Dep T BrownCt-1/Felony Evading
Ct-2/Simple Poss Sch Ii

James Howard Townsend Jr
Viol Date 1-20-19 Pd
Gs-19-Cr-159/Worthless Check/Shelia Fenner

Donald Derrick Vance
Gs-19-Cr-216/Robbery/Dep R Mink

Cassandra Berneice West
To Have Dl Viol Date 9-5-18 Pd
Gs-18-Cr-671/Dorl/Dep B Sexton

Charlotte Wilburn
Gs-19-Cr-83/Dorl/Dep A Worley

Marcus Zukowski
Gs-19-Cr-147/Simple Assault/Dep R Norris