General Sessions Court Johnson County,
The Honorable
William B. Hawkins,
Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Justin Matthew Bailey
Gs-19-Tr-176/Speeding Construction Zone Workers Present/Thp C Dunn

Thomas Edward Ball Compliance
Disorderly Conduct/Charlie Morefield

Joshua Bentley
Gs-19-Tr-225/Thp M Brown
Ct-1/Speeding In Construction Zone Workers Present
Ct-2/Financial Responsibility

Brian Keith Busler
Gs-19-Tr-168/Speeding /Thp C Dunn

River Cazire
Gs-19-Tr-210/Speeding In Construction Zone Workers Present/Thp M Brown

Bobby Roscoe Clawson Hearing/Stnaw Canter
Gs-18-Tr-588/Thp C Dunn
Ct-1/Seatbelt 1St
Ct-2/Due Care
Gs-18-Cr-714/Dui 1St/Sgt M Mullins
Gs-18-Cr-878/Thp C Dunn
Ct-1/Dui 1St

Crystal Nicole Coffey
Gs-19-Tr-241/Seatbelt 1St/Thp C Dunn

Ted Millard Cooper
Gs-19-Tr-249/Seatbelt 1St/Thp C Dunn

Hollis F Corley
Gs-19-Cr-276/Dui 1St/Dep R Norris

Delaina Crain
Gs-19-Tr-187/Speeding/Thp C Dunn

Rusty Lee Davis
Thp C Dunn
Ct-2/Expired Registration
Ct-3/Financial Responsibility

Joshua Robert Dowell Preliminary Hearing Pd
Dep R Norris
Cts 1-2/Resisting Arrest
Ct-3/Poss Drug Para
Ct-4/Poss Sch Ii Resale
Ct-5/Poss Sch Vi Resale
Ct-6/Poss Sch Iii Resale
Contraband Into Penal Fac
Ct-8/Poss Legend Drug

Brittany Nicole Dugger Status
Gs-19-Cr-431/Fugitive From Justice/Dep A Worley

Nola Gay Dugger Buck
Gs-18-Cr-693/Sgt J Norman
Ct-1/Dui 2Nd
Ct-2/Poss Legend Drug
Ct-3/Poss Drug Para
Ct-4/False Report

Courtney Ann Dunlap
Gs-19-Cr-163/Dep R Norris
Ct-1/Financial Responsibility

Rex Arlen Farley Hearing/Stnaw Pro Se
Gs-19-Cr-232/Harassment/Kayla Williams

Curtis J Ferguson
Simple Poss Sch Ii/Ptl Z Reece

David Lee Gobble
Dep T Brown
Ct-1/Poss Sch Ii Resale
Ct-2/Poss Drug Para
Ct-3/Dorl 1St

Nathan Alexander Goodman
Gs-19-Cr-343/Dui 1St/Dep A Worley

Shirley Greer
Gs-19-Cr-384/Worthless Check/Tammie Fenner

Justin Hammons
Gs-19-Tr-211/Speeding Construction Zone Workers Present/Thp M Brown

Jadey Henderson
Gs-19-Tr-217/Speeding Construction Zone With Workers Present

Deangelo D Holt Conditional Forf. Pro Se
Gs-18-Cr-430/Domestic Assault/Ptl C Brown

Aaron J Howard
Tbi Cert & Div
Viol Date 3-2-19 Pd
Gs-19-Cr-222/Dep R Norris
Cts 1-8/Cruelty To Animals

Greggory Lee Johnson
To Have Dl
Viol Date 1-2-19 Pd
Gs-19-Cr-19/Dosl 1St/Thp C Dunn

Mitchell Stephen Johnson

Jennifer Nicole Keaton
Gs-19-Tr-173/Speeding Construction Zone Workers Present/Thp C Dunn

Bobby Kimble
Gs-19-Tr-214/Speeding Construction Zone Workers Present/Thp M Brown

Paris Lawson
Gs-19-Tr-228/Speeding Construction Zone Workers Present/Thp M Brown

Christina A Labond
Gs-19-Tr-159/Speeding/Thp M Brown

Adam W Lebatard
Gs-19-Tr-248/Speeding/Thp C Dunn

Carl Eugene Lee
Gs-19-Tr-177/Speeding Construction Zone Workers Present/Thp C Dunn

Charles E Lipford
Dep A Worley
Ct-2/Unreg Vehicle
Ct-3/Financial Responsibility
Gs-19-Cr-424/Felony Reckless Endangerment/Dep A Worley

Carl William Loggins
Dep A Worley
Ct-1/Dui 1St
Ct-2/Simple Poss Sch Vi
Ct-3/Poss Drug Para

Tommy Scott Lowe
Gs-19-Tr-181/Speeding Construction Zone Workers Present/Thp C Dunn

Clifford A Lunceford
Gs-19-Cr-448/Agg Domestic Assault/Dep B Sexton

Addie Elizabeth Mahala Tbi Cert & Div Pro Se
Gs-19-Tr-57/Seatbelt 1St/Thp M Brown
Gs-19-Cr-110/Thp M Brown
Ct-1/Simple Poss Sch Ii

Allen Ray Main Viol Date 5-1-19 Pd
Gs-19-Cr-367/Fugitive From Justice/Dep E Martin

Jeffery Allen Main
Gs-19-Cr-329/Dui 1St/Ptl C Hatley

Susan Marsh
Gs-19-Tr-218/Speeding Construction While Workers Present/Thp M Brown

Kaleb Nicholas Mcwhorter Viol Date 5-26-19 Pd
Gs-19-Cr-440/Dorl 2Nd/Ptl C Hatley

Brittany Danielle Nidifer

Matthew J Osborne
Gs-19-Cr-446/Public Intoxication/Ptl Z Reece

Noah Michael Pennington
Gs-19-Cr-462/Felony Reckless Endangerment/Dep A Worley

William C Porter To Have Dl/For Plea Pro Se
Gs-19-Cr-40/Asst Chief Norris
Ct-2/Financial Responsibility

Natasha L Potter
Gs-19-Tr-85/Dep A Worley
Ct-2/Financial Responsibility

Angela Pritt
Gs-19-Tr-213/Speeding Construction Zone While
Workers Present/
Thp M Brown

Milton Jasper Rader
Gs-19-Tr-203/Speeding Construction Zone While Workers Present/Thp M Brown

Ronald A Reagan

Brittany R Reece Petition For Pmt Plan
2Nd/Dep J Peters

David Lester Reece To Have Atty
Thp M Harkleroad

Amanda Reichenbach
Gs-19-Tr-222/Speeding Construction Zone While Workers Present/Thp M Brown

Teresa K Robbins
Gs-19-Tr-252/Dep R Norris
Ct-1/Financial Responsibility
Ct-2/Dosl 2Nd

Richard Clay Sizemore
1St/Thp C Dunn
1St/Thp C Dunn

James Darrell Smith
Gs-19-Tr-156/Speeding School Zone/Thp C Dunn

Jacob C Sprague Hearing/Stnaw Pro Se
Gs-19-Cr-231/Harassment/Kayla Williams

Raymond Eugene Turner
Gs-19-Cr-386/Burning W/O Permit/Dep A Worley

Jesse Drew Wallace Pd Gs-16-Cr-1017/Vop/Cci

Natalie D Wilson
To Have Atty
Gs-19-Cr-435/Lt M Mullins
Ct-1/Dui 2Nd

Thomas Bruce Anderson Sentencing Hearing Bond With Aaa $30,000 Smith
17-Cr-90/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Theft Of Property $60,000 Or More Less Than $250,000A
Ct-2-3/ Agg Perjury

Peggy Fritts Blevins Payment Compliance Probation Violation Summons
Judgment 8/12/11
5729/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Dui 2Nd
Ct-2/ Dorl

Roby Bradford Dunn
Pdl/Motions Probation Viol $10,000 Or Bond Fallin
Judgment 11-18-16
16-Cr-130/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Reckless Endangerment
Ct-2/ Assault
Ct-3/ Poss Drug Para

Stephen Wayne Dunn Jr Pdl/Motions 13,000 Bond-Jail
19-Cr-67/ Twra
Ct-1/ Unlawful Poss Weapon By Convicted Felon
Ct-2/ Poss Drug Para
Ct-3-4/ Illegal Poss Of Deer

Mario Rafael Gonzales Arraignment Probation Viol No Bond-Jail
Judgment 4-23-18
17-Cr-174/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Theft $1,000 Or Less
Ct-2/ Poss Drug Para
Ct-3/ Dorl
17-Cr-175/ Jcsd
Ct-2, 10, 12, 14,19/
Identity Theft

Mary Holloway Payment Status Viol Probation – $1000 O.R Bond
6072 / Reckless Endangerment
6093 / Failure To Appear

Justin David Jacobs Sentencing Hearing $57,500 Tn Bonding Stout
18-Cr-91/ Jcsd
Ct-1-3/ Solicitation Of Minor
Ct-4-7/ Soliciting Sexual Exploitation Of Minor

Heather B Maze
Pdl/Motions Probation Viol 1-15-19 No Bond-Jail Pd
Probation Viol 2-27-19
Judgment 6/3/16
16-Cr-16/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Poss Contraband Into Penal Facility

Leandra Lane Owens
Pdl/Motions Probation Viol 3-20-19
No Bond-Jail Pd
Judgment 4-13-18
17-Cr-164/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Agg Burglary
Ct-2/ Theft Of $1,000

Tabitha Ashley Price Payment Compliance Probation Viol Summons
Judgment 12/20/11
13-Cr-171 / Jcsd
Ct-1/ Att Theft Over $500

Destiny Dawn Roark
Pdl/Motions $25,000 Bond-Jail
17-Cr-128/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Failure To Appear

Blair Anson Robbins Pdl/Motions $5,000 Tn Bonding Fallin
18-Cr-97/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Poss Sch Iv
With Intent To Sell Or Deliver
Ct-2/ Poss Sch Vi
With Intent To Sell Or Deliver
Ct-3/ Poss Firearm During Commission Of Dangerous Felony
Ct-4/ Poss Drug Para
Ct-5/ Viol Order Protection
18-Cr-98/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Poss Meth With Intent To Sell Or Deliver
Ct-2/ Poss Firearm During Commission Od Dangerous Felony
Ct-3/ Simple Poss Sch Vi
Ct-4/ Viol Order Protection

Mary Natasha Stanley
Pdl/Motions Probation Viol
No Bond-JailPd Judgment 6-19-17
17-Cr-10/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Failure To Appear
17-Cr-73/ Jcsd Ct-1/ Forgery
Ct-2/ Conspiracy To Commit Theft Of Property $1,000 Or Less
19-Cr-52/ Mcpd $3,000 Tn Bonding
Ct-1-2/ Forgery
Ct-3/ Attempted Forgery
Ct-4/ Theft Or Property $1,000 Or Less

Timothy Harold Stanton Payment Compliance Probation Violation Summons Judgment 2/5/05
Ct-1/ Attempted Manu. Sch I
Ct-2/ Poss. Sch Ii Resale
4346/ Jcsd
Ct-1-3/ Attempted Child Abuse & Neglect X3
Paid In Full
4366/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Manu. Sch Ii

Tommy Len Ward, Jr. Payment Compliance Probation Violation Summons
Judgment 5/11/15
Ct-1/ Agg. Burglary
Ct-2/ Theft Over $1000
Ct-3/ Vandalism Over $500

Fabian Luran Winters Arraignment $5,000- Tn Bonding
To Have Atty
14-Cr-136/ Mcpd
Ct-1-24/ Forgery
Ct-25/ Theft Under $500