General Sessions Court Johnson County,
The Honorable
William B. Hawkins,
Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Robert Earl Arnold
Gs-19-Tr-88/Speeding/Thp C Dunn

Thomas R Atwood
Gs-19-Tr-110/Speeding/Thp C Dunn

Kimberly Hope Barnett
Gs-19-Tr-108/Thp C Dunn
Ct-1/Seatbelt 1St
Ct-2/Expired Registration-Complied

Patricia L Barry
Gs-19-Cr-240/Dep J Ferguson
Ct-1/Dui 1St
Ct-2/Leaving The Scene-Property Damage

Kevin James Beal
Gs-19-Tr-117/Thp M Brown
Ct-2/License-30 Day Residency

Jeffery Dean Brinker
Gs-19-Tr-91/Thp C Dunn
Ct-1/Due Care Ct-2/Seatbelt 1St
Ct-2/Financial Responsibility
Gs-19-Cr-281/Dosl 2Nd/Thp C Dunn

Gregory William Brown
Tbi Cert & Div
Viol Date 3-10-19 Pd
Gs-19-Cr-215/Dep T Brown
Ct-1/Poss Sch Vi Ct-2/Poss Drug Para
Cts 3-4/Poss Weapon During Commission Of Felony

Frank Anthony Chiono
Gs-19-Tr-98/Seatbelt 1St/Thp C Dunn

Paul Dean Clabaugh
Gs-19-Tr-113/Seatbelt 1St/Thp C Dunn
Gs-19-Cr-282/Dorl 1St/Thp C Dunn

Michala Beth Cretsinger
Gs-19-Cr-272/Poss Drug Para/Ptl D Hicks
Gs-19-Cr-273/Simple Poss Sch Vi/Ptl D Hicks

Duane Eric Danner Jr
Gs-17-Cr-327/Vop/Cci Capias
Gs-18-Cr-550/Vandalism/Adam Dayton Capias
Gs-19-Cr-352/Dep B Sexton
Ct-1/Poss Counterfeit Money
Cts 2-5/Poss Stolen Property
Ct-6/Poss Sch Ii Resale
Ct-7/Poss Sch Vi Resale
Ct-8/Poss Drug Para
Ct-9/Maintaining Dwelling
Ct-10/Poss Weapon During Commission Of Felony
Ct-11/Poss Sch Iv Resale

Jason Scott Dugger
Gs-19-Tr-97/Thp C Dunn
Ct-2/Financial Responsibility

Barry Wayne Dutton Curtis
Gs-19-Cr-335/Dep C Roark
Ct-1/Agg Burglary
Cts 2-3/Theft Over $1,000
Gs-19-Cr-336/Dep R Norris
Ct-1/Simple Assault
Ct-2/Criminal Impersonation
Ct-3/Dosl 5Th

Andrew Bret Edwards
Preliminary Hearing
Gs-19-Cr-226/Inv B Sutherland
Ct-1/Evading By Mv
Cts 2-3/Reckless Endangerment
Ct-4/Resisting Arrest
Ct-6/Light Law
Ct-7/Registration Law
Ct-8/Theft Under $1,000
Ct-9/Left Of Center

Noah Steven Farmer
Gs-19-Tr-107/Speeding/Thp C Dunn

Danny Dale Fletcher
Gs-19-Tr-130/Speeding/Thp M Brown

John Ross Gray
Gs-19-Cr-354/Lt M Cress
Cts 1-7/Agg Rape
Ct-8/Agg Kidnapping

Harleah N Grogan
Tbi Cert & Div Smith
Gs-19-Cr-210/Dep J Ferguson
Ct-1/Maintaining Dwelling
Ct-2/Poss Drug Para
Ct-3/Poss Sch Vi Resale

Lori Beth Hampton
Tammy Robbins

Tyler Dillon Hassan
Hearing/Stnaw Loughrin
Gs-18-Cr-820/Underage Driving W/Impaired/Dep J Ferguson

Cora Jean Hayworth

Jimmy Ray Holsclaw
Gs-19-Cr-269/Ptl D Hicks
Ct-1/Criminal Simulation
Ct-2/False Report

Robert Clayton Horne Jr

Stillman Curtis Kellum Capias
Gs-18-Cr-420/Poss Drug Para/Ptl T Brown

Chad Everett Lewis

Joshua D Lipford
Gs-19-Tr-68/Thp C Dunn
Ct-1/Unlawful Removal Of Tag
Ct-2/Driving Unregistered Vehicle
Nathan Bolin
Gs-19-Cr-265/Poss Stolen Property/Dep E Martin

Elder Rodriquez Lopez
Interpreter To Be Here
Gs-19-Cr-310/Domestic Assault/Nancy Ramirez

Kayla Marie Lowe
Preliminary Hearing
Viol Date 11-6-18 Pd
Gs-19-Cr-246/Auston Dunn
Ct-1/Domestic Assault
Ct-2/Vandalism Under $1,000

Michael Scott Main
Jud Div Pro Se
To Animals/Dep C Hatley

Anna Kelsy Morefield
Gs-19-Tr-129/Speeding/Thp M Brown

Alfred William Pauley
Preliminary Hearing
Viol Date 4-18-19 Pd
Gs-19-Cr-333/Att-2Nd Degree Murder/Inv B Sutherland

Billy Porter Jr
Thp M Brown

Keith Daniel Potter
Gs-19-Tr-74/Dep J Ferguson
Ct-1/Muffler Law
Ct-2/Financial Responsibility
Ct-3/Crossing Highway Divider

Donald L Powell
Preliminary Hearing Fallin
Gs-18-Cr-817/Lt M Mullins
Ct-3/Resisting Arrest
Ct-4/Open Container

Connie Jean Price
Gs-19-Cr-283/Dui 1St/Thp C Dunn

Elizabeth Rider
Gs-19-Tr-122/Seatbelt 1St/Thp M Brown

Weston Tyler Roberts
Gs-19-Tr-164/Dep J Ferguson
Ct-1/Expired Registration
Ct-2/Light Law
Gs-19-Cr-311/Dosl/Dep J Ferguson

Valerie Ann Saufley
Gs-19-Tr-119/Speeding/Thp M Brown

Janie D Sisk
Gs-19-Cr-239/Poss Drug Para/Dep J Ferguson
Robert William Snyder
Gs-19-Cr-362/Violation Order Protection-Summons/Shannon Dowell

Brandon Stanton
Gs-19-Cr-313/Criminal Trespassing/Dep A Worley

Marie Iva Tolley
Gs-19-Cr-271/Poss Drug Para/Ptl D Hicks

Donald Derrick Vance
Preliminary Hearing
Viol Date 3-2-19 Pd
Gs-19-Cr-216/Robbery/Dep R Mink

Jesse D Wallace
Gs-19-Cr-353/Violation Bond Conditions/Sgt J Peters

John Karl Wallace
Preliminary Hearing Pd
Theft Over $1,000/Dep T Brown Viol Date 3-25-19
Gs-19-Cr-341/Criminal Impersonation/Dep A Worley Viol Date 4-19-19

Edgar Steven Warren
Gs-19-Cr-275/Poss Drug Para/Dep J Ferguson
Gs-19-Tr-137/Dep J Ferguson
Ct-1/Light Law
Ct-2/Registration Law

Judy Bradshaw Weeks
Gs-19-Cr-361/Dui 1St/
Dep B Sexton

Rhonda S Mabe Williams
Status Smith
Gs-19-Cr-259/Ptl D Hicks
Ct-1/Criminal Simulations
Ct-2/False Report

Clarence B Arnold Arraignment Probation Viol
$3,000 Tn Bonding
Judgment 8-5-14
13-Cr-168/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Poss Drug Para
Ct-2/ Hmoa

Jessica Dawn Bolick
Status Of Rehab Viol Probation $5,000 Or Bond
Judgment 10/30/17
17-Cr-139/ Jcsd
Ct-1-3/ Forgery

Matthew Michael Cooper
Arraignment Probation Viol No Bond-Jail Judgment 5-11-18
18-Cr-39/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Felony Failure To Appear

Pauletta D Dunn
Arraignment Capias No Bond-Jail
Ct-1/ Poss Meth With Intent To Sell
Ct-2/ Poss Drug Para

Samantha Norma Hall
Arraignment Probation Viol 3-21-19 $5,000 Ahood To Have Atty
Probation Viol 4-15-19 No Bond-Jail 16-Cr-95/ Jcsd Judgment 8-19-17
Ct-1/ Agg Burglary
Ct-2/ Joyriding
16-Cr-129/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Poss Sch Iv For Resale
Ct-2/ Simple Poss Sch Vi

Lisa Marie Hampton
Motion To Withdraw As Counsel Aaa Bonding-64,000 Hyder
Capias No Bond
17-Cr-44/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Poss Sch Ii For Resale
Ct-2/ Poss Firearm During Com Of Dangerous Felony
Ct-3/ Dui 3Rd
Ct-4/ Vicl

Gary Wayne Honeycutt
Pdl/Motions $5,000- A-Angel
Bonding Pd
19-Cr-39/ Mcpd
Ct-1/ Att Burglary

Sandra Michelle Kent
Arraignment $10,000 Bond-Jail
Ct-1/ Criminal Simulation

Joshua David Kope
Pdl/Motions $20,000 Bond-Deed Of Trust Hyder
Status Of Federal Case
18-Cr-54/ Mcpd
Ct-1/ Poss Meth With Intent To Sell Or Deliver
Ct-2/ Poss Firearm/Commission Dangerous Felony
Ct-3/ Simple Poss Sch Vi
Ct-4/ Dorl

Chelsea Shea Perkins
Status Of Rehab Probation
Viol- 8-24-17 Or Bond Fallin
Judgment 2/29/16
15-Cr-119/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Shoplifting
15-Cr-186/ Jcsd
Ct-1-2/ Shoplifting

Travis Allen Reece
Arraignment Probation Viol Status Federal Custody Pd
Judgment 5-8-17
16-Cr-197/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Reg Viol
Ct-2/ Dorl 8Th
17-Cr-26/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Dorl 8Th
17-Cr-27/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Dorl 8Th

17-Cr-28/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Poss Sch Ii
Ct-2/ Felony Evading Arrest
Ct-5/ Dorl 8Th
Ct-6/ Reg Viol
Ct-7/ Fin Resp
Ct-8/ Resisting Arrest

Haley Marie Smith
Arraignment $15, 000-Tn Bonding Canter
19-Cr-/ 17/ Necx
Ct-1/ Intro Contraband

Daniel Joseph Snyder
Pdl/Motions $33,000- Aaa Bonding Stout
19-Cr-14/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Tampering With Evidence
Ct-2/ Poss Sch Vi With Intent To Sell Or Deliver
Ct-3/ Simple Poss Sch Ii
Ct-4/ Poss Drug Para
Ct-5/ Viol Reg Law

Jeremiah James S. Tens
Aka Scott Mckinney
Arraignment Probation Viol $5,000-Jail
Judgment 9-18-17
16-Cr-153/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Theft Under $500 To Have Atty
Ct-2/ Criminal Trespassing

Robert Trivette
Arraignment Probation Viol No Bond-Jail
Judgment 3-29-19
18-Cr-197/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Agg Assault
18-Cr-198/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Poss Meth With Intent To Sell
Ct-3/ Maintaining Dwelling
Criminal Simulation

James Daniel Wallace
Pdl/Motions 15,000 Or Bond Canter
18-Cr-203/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Especially Agg Kidnapping
Ct-2/ Agg Assault

Jesse Drew Wallace
Pdl/Motions $2,500-Tn Bonding Canter
19-Cr-12/ Jcsd
Ct-1/ Agg Assault
Ct-2/ Resisting Arrest