03/15/2019 Justin S Baker, Avery Branch Rd, Manufacture Controlled Substance, Possession Of Schedule Vi Drugs For Resale, Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia
03/15/2019 April Weaver, Dug Hill Rd, Telephone Harassment
03/16/2019 Patricia L Barry, Brinkley Rd, Leaving The Scene Of An Accident With Property Damage, Driving Under The Influence
03/16/2019 Jeremiah S Tens, Goose Bradley Ln, Aggravated Assault As Domestic Violence
03/17/2019 Laura A Arnold, Dry Branch Rd, Theft O/$500 <$1,000
03/17/2019 Roby B Dunn, Roan Creek Rd, Assault As Domestic Violence
03/18/2019 Banian L Banner, Old Cold Springs Rd, Burglary
03/18/2019 Timothy R Church, Rainbolt St, Driving On Revoked Drivers License, Violation Of Probation
03/18/2019 Kayla M Lowe, Village Square Ln, Assault As Domestic Violence, Vandalism
03/18/2019 Randall S Reece, Trade, Capias, Fugitive From Justice
03/18/2019 Boyd C Roark, Antioch Rd, Resisting Arrest, Disorderly Conduct
03/18/2019 Jason M Snyder, Divide Rd, Criminal Trespassing, Violation Of Probation
03/19/2019 Aron Brown, Antioch Rd, Resisting Stop, Frisk, Halt, Arrest, Fugitive From Justice
03/19/2019 Kevin M Buchanan, Pedro Shoul Ln, Violation Of Probation
03/19/2019 Billy R Fletcher, Rainbolt St, Capias
03/19/2019 Colin M Moore, Afton Va, Possession Of Schedule Vi Drugs With The Intent To Sale Or Deliver, Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia
03/19/2019 Joni D Price, Dr Taylor Ln, Violation Of Probation
03/19/2019 Tyson M Sheets, Greenville, Violation Of Probation X 2
03/20/2019 Hollis F Corley, Jenkins Hollow Rd, Driving Under The Influence
03/20/2019 Stephin W Dunn, Mayberry Ln, Parole Violation
03/20/2019 Kenneth C Sherman, Hwy 133, Vandalsim As Domestic Violence
03/20/2019 Christopher D Wilson, Red Brush Rd, Assault As Domestic Violence, Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia
03/20/2019 Donna J Wilson, Red Brush Rd, Aggravated Assault
03/21/2019 Jimmy R Holsclaw, Doeville Rd, Criminal Simulation, False Report To Authorities
03/21/2019 Joey D Icenhour, Rainbolt Rd, Worthless Check
03/21/2019 Rhonda S Williams, Swift Hollow Rd, Criminal Simulation, False Report To Authorities