03/22/2019 Jerrod Boyd, Piercetown Rd, Criminal Trespassing
03/22/2019 Deborah T Dillards, D Payne Rd, Assault As Domestic Violence
03/22/2019 Cora J Hayworth, Slabtown Rd, Violation Of Probation
03/22/2019 Robert C Horne Jr, Lumpkin Branch Rd, Violation Of Probation
03/23/2019 Michala B Cretsinger, Crestview Dr, Criminal Trespassing
03/23/2019 Gary E Hilton, Doeville Rd, Capias
03/23/2019 Joshua D Lipford, Hwy 421 S, Possession Of Stolen Property
03/23/2019 April M Smelcer, Sevierville Tn, Simple Possession Of Schedule Vi Drugs, Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia
03/23/2019 Sierra S Whittmore, Elizabethton, Criminal Trespassing, Failure To Appear, Violation Of Probation
03/24/2019 Charles W Blackburn, Crumpler Nc, Possession Of Legend Drugs, Driving Under The Influence, Violation Of Open Container Law
03/24/2019 Samantha N Hall, Roan Creek Rd, Violation Of Probation
03/24/2019 Destiny D Roark, Dry Branch Rd, Failure To Appear, Possession Of Schedule Ii Drugs, Violation Of Probation X 2
03/24/2019 Jimmie Roark, Atwood St, Failure To Appear
03/24/2019 Jessica A Smith, Chucky Tn, Auto Burglary, Aggravated Criminal Trespassing
03/24/2019 Mary N Stanley, Dry Hill Rd, Violation Of Community Corrections
03/24/2019 Matthew R Wymer, Chucky Tn, Aggravated Criminal Trespassing
03/25/2019 Nekisha L Bentley, Taft Eggers Rd, Fugitive From Justice
03/25/2019 Derick S Canter, Boone Nc, Fugitive From Justice
03/25/2019 Alvin G Hall, Rainbow Rd, Fugitive From Justice
03/26/2019 Bille J Stout, Waddell Rd, Public Intoxication, Possession Of Schedule Iv Drugs
03/26/2019 Tyler Taylor, Little Dry Run Rd, Violation Of Probation
03/26/2019 Joshua A Vanover, Spear Branch Rd, Criminal Trespassing, Simple Possession, Violation Of Probation
03/27/2019 Michael L Grever, Lumpkin Branh Rd, Driving On Revoked Drivers License
03/27/2019 Nicole D Velazquez, Knoxville Tn, Violation Of Probation
03/28/2019 Heath C Aschenback, Lumpkin Branch Rd, Violation Of Probation, Capias, Criminal Impersonation, Resisting Arrest
03/28/2019 Reagan A Click, Deer Run Rd, Violation Of Probation
03/28/2019 Stephen T Hampton, Sugar Creek Rd, Violation Of Community Corrections
03/28/2019 Lonnie J Miles, North Carolina, Aggravated Assault, Burglary
03/28/2019 Justin B Pardue, Corner Rd, Aggravated Assault