04/26/2019 Timothy R Cameron, Brickyard Branch Rd, Violation Of Probation
04/26/2019 Lisa Hampton, Vilas Nc, Capias
04/26/2019 John R Gray, Elizabethton, Aggravated Kidnapping, Aggravated Rape X 7
04/27/2019 Chad E Lewis, Forge Creek Rd, Violation Of Community Corrections
04/28/2019 Angela K Jones, Tobacco Rd, Violation Of Probation
04/29/2019 Brian M Duperry, Hwy 91N, Violation Of Probation
04/29/2019 Robert W Snyder, Johnson Hollow Rd, Violation Of Order Of Protection Or Restraining Order
04/29/2019 Ted M Cooper, Crackers Neck Rd, Violation Of Probation
04/29/2019 Judy Weeks, Clinton Nc, Driving Under The Influence
04/30/2019 Coty B Brown, Hwy 421N, Driving On Cancelled Driver License
04/30/2019 Cody G Reed, Johnson City, Failure To Appear
04/30/2019 Hillery L Harper, Chestnut Dr, Driving On Revoked Drivers License
05/01/2019 Martin D Miller, Bulldog Rd, Capias
05/01/2019 Brandon L Stanton, Draft Rd, Violation Of Probation X 2
05/01/2019 Scottie P Tester, Forge Creek Rd, Possession Of Schedule Vi For Resale, Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia, Maintaining A Dwelling Of Sale Of Drugs
05/02/2019 Heather L Hicks, W Main St, Vandlaism
05/02/2019 Eric H Main, Johnson Hollow Rd, Violation Of Probation
05/02/2019 Calamity J Mann, Anderson Dr, Assault