TN SHIP Volunteer Coordinator Harley Jeter poses with Howard Hicks and Barbara Wilson during the Medicare event. Pictured (L-R) Howard Hicks, Harley Jeter and Barbara Wilson.

By Meg Dickens

The Johnson County Senior Center is as lively as ever. This past week the seniors engaged in their weekly senior jam session “Join the Jam.” Seniors gather every Wednesday at 11 AM to make a joyful noise in every genre from gospel to rock and roll. The participants vary from veteran musicians to beginners. Skill level does not matter. The seniors purely enjoy learning to play, hanging around with friends, and even occasionally singing along.

On Friday, January 11, Volunteer Coordinator Harley Jeter from the Tennessee State Health Insurance Assistance Program (TN SHIP) came by to share information about Medicare. Jeter acted as the caller for Medicare Bingo, which was sponsored by TN SHIP and Food Lion in Mountain City, and spread information between calls.

Medicare is a service based on monthly income and marital status for individuals that are 65+, have been on disability for 24 months, or have End-Stage Renal Failure. Medicare has recently come out with a new card design that excludes the patients’ sex and Social Security Number. These replacement cards will be free of charge and mailed to the address listed. Your coverage will not change.

Shred the old card after receiving the new one. Improper disposal can lead to the participant being a victim of one of the many scams currently rotating. If you have any questions, contact TN SHIP at 877-801-0044 or Jeter directly at 423-722-5107.

For more information about the Johnson County Senior Center and its events, contact Kathy Motsinger at 727-8883. Event calendars and the daily menu can be picked up at the Center. More information on available resources is also available at the Center. The Johnson County Senior Center is a multi-purpose center in Mountain City, TN that provides a variety of services for people 60 and older.