Dear editor,
I wanted to write you and say thank you. I have been a long time lover of our local paper, but over the last few years I could notice it was going “down hill” per say.

However, over the past few months the stories and topics have been outstanding and exactly what a local paper should incorporate. I’ve debated about even mentioning this but you can take it or leave it and I’ll understand. The past few articles about people in our community really began to make me appreciate our town, the people in it and the impacts they are leaving in it.

But after all this individual has done for this entire community I feel that it shouldn’t go unnoticed, and readers that already know this man would be intrigued to see everything he is apart of Mr. Chase McGlamery graduated from JCHS this last May, but with in his four years there he completed over 1,600 community service hours in our county alone. He served as the student School member, continues to serve as a Heritage Hall board member, community theatre board member. He somehow found time to do all of that and balance working at high school sporting events, volunteering regularly at his church and keeping straight A’s.

There are so many people in this county this young man has touched by his willingness to assist in anyway possible. While this young man may not be the star player on a sports team, he is a star in our community who is respected for his golden heart to serve his community. There are so many people who love to hear about the amazing good their neighbors are doing without anything in return. It’s people like Mr. McGlamery that makes Johnson County a great place to live. Thank you for your time and dedication to our community.

Joan W.