Dear Editor:

How wonderful that the group has established a Tourism Development Council of Johnson County, TN. However, I think the first thing that needs to be developed is getting more Motels in the county.
I am trying to find a motel for my “Step-Granddaughter” and family to stay when they come to visit this summer.
Her children are one and three years old – and my house is NOT child proof. They live in Nashville, TN.
There seems to only be one motel in Mountain City, which has very small rooms, since the other motel is not one where most people want to stay.
I do NOT want the type of places that Vicky Woods offer (which are great if that is what you want) – and I do not want Bed and Breakfast places. I am just seeking a regular Motel like most towns offer.
I should think that would be the first thing the tourism Council would start working on. Most people just drive through Johnson County –
and see a few of the great places that are in Johnson County – and then go on to Boone, NC or Johnson City, TN in order to find a decent Motel.
I am on the Board of the Butler Museum – and most of the visitors there drive to the museum for a one day visit – from out of town – because there are NO motels in the area for them to stay and visit other things in Johnson County.
Advertising to promote the other great things to do in Johnson County is wonderful – but how many are going to see more than one or
two things since they generally will NOT find a decent motel?

Trula Haley